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Debra Johnson-King


Debra Johnson-King is the founder and president of The DebJon Group (Your Financial Concierge), a financial services company, which provides financial education to individuals and companies by matching clients with the right financial products and services.

Debra is a financial strategist whose objective is to help individuals and small-business owners achieve financial freedom and peace of mind. She has a breadth of experience that is not very common in the industry having worked in many segments of the financial arena: from mortgage loan origination to life insurance and annuities, real estate and housing, and credit and bankruptcy counseling.

For over 20 years, Debra has given financial education presentations to thousands of individuals, businesses, organizations, churches and local agencies across the country and around the world. Advising them on how to attain homeownership, achieve financial freedom, grow wealth, develop multiple streams of income, break the mental chains of debt and eliminate their dysfunctional relationship with money.

Debra Johnson-King is a board member of The Bankrate Financial Review Board and is a member of numerous civic and professional organizations such as the Mortgage Bankers Association, Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals, and NAR (National Association of Realtors) to name a few.

Debra is licensed in numerous states as a mortgage broker, real estate agent and life insurance and annuities agent, as well as being a HUD-certified housing counselor and certified professional communicator. Additionally, Debra is a sought-after speaker and author.

When not working, Debra enjoys golfing, dancing, deep sea fishing, traveling and reading.

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