Cynthia Paez Bowman

Personal Finance Contributor

Cynthia Paez Bowman is a finance, real estate and international business journalist.
Besides, her work has been featured in Business Jet Traveler, MSN,, and
She owns and operates a small digital marketing and public relations firm that works with select startups and women-owned businesses to provide growth and visibility.
Cynthia splits her time between Los Angeles, CA and San Sebastian, Spain. She travels to Africa and the Middle East regularly to consult with women’s NGOs about small business development.

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    Car insurance for high-risk drivers in Texas

    High-risk drivers in the Lone Star State may have trouble finding affordable vehicle coverage. Most carriers classify a driver as higher-risk based on incidents on their driving record, such as one or [...]

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    Car insurance for high-risk drivers in Pennsylvania

    There were 125,267 reportable traffic accidents in Pennsylvania in 2019. Speeding and drunk driving were the leading causes, accounting for over 30% of the crashes reported and causing most fatalities. [...]

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    Lemonade insurance review

    Home and renters insurance doesn’t need to be complicated, and it shouldn’t feel like work. Lemonade shines in this area, offering affordable, easy-to-manage homeowners and renters insurance. A relative [...]

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    Best life insurance for women

    Women may have different considerations when it comes to life insurance, but both sexes have similar views about death. Haven Life’s survey found that most men and women both believe their deaths would [...]

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    Best life insurance for scuba divers

    Scuba diving can be relaxing and awe-inspiring, but it does come with some risk. The most recent DAN Annual Diving Report recorded 228 scuba diver fatalities in 2017, most due to diver inexperience. With [...]

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    How much is car insurance in Massachusetts?

    The average annual cost of car insurance in Massachusetts is $510 for minimum coverage and $1,223 for a full coverage policy. Minimum coverage car insurance is usually cheaper than full coverage because [...]

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    Rush Hour
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    How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in California

    Insurance companies in California, like companies in most states, view speeding tickets as risky behavior. Because of this, if you get a speeding ticket in the Golden State, you will likely see an increase [...]

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    Best cheap car insurance in Orlando for 2021

    Florida has one of the highest average car insurance premiums in the country, with drivers paying $2,364 annually for full coverage car insurance and $1,101 annually for state minimum coverage. Drivers [...]

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    Best cheap car insurance in Kokomo

    Indiana is home to almost 4.6 million licensed drivers. Kokomo drivers are relatively safe, but local patrols occasionally patrol the streets in search of aggressive drivers responsible for two of the [...]

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    Covered Bridge in Kokomo, Indiana
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    Best cheap car insurance in Texarkana

    Texarkana is a relatively small town with a population of 37,277. The average cost of car insurance in Texarkana, Texas is $493 annually for minimum coverage, and $1,747 a year for full coverage insurance. [...]

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