Cynthia Paez Bowman

Cynthia Paez Bowman

Cynthia Paez Bowman is a finance, real estate and international business journalist.
Besides, her work has been featured in Business Jet Traveler, MSN,, and
She owns and operates a small digital marketing and public relations firm that works with select startups and women-owned businesses to provide growth and visibility.
Cynthia splits her time between Los Angeles, CA and San Sebastian, Spain. She travels to Africa and the Middle East regularly to consult with women’s NGOs about small business development.

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    Actual cash value

    Homeowners insurance is there for you to turn to when your home or property suffers damage or a loss. Homeowners are vulnerable to damage from severe weather, theft, fire or other disasters. But how much, [...]

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    Best car insurance in South Carolina 2020

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    Best car insurance in Utah 2020

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