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  • Best homeowners insurance in Vermont of 2021

    Whether you are buying a historic home in downtown Manchester or a modern dwelling in a Burlington suburb, you need to protect your investment with a homeowners policy. Luckily, Vermont home insurance [...]

    4 min read Mar 05, 2021
    People standing on the deck of their home in Vermont, staring out at the wide, blue sky.
  • Best homeowners insurance in Oklahoma of 2021

    If you’re one of the almost 66% of Oklahomans who own their own homes, you know that Oklahoma homeowners insurance is on the expensive side. The average cost of home insurance in Oklahoma for $250,000 [...]

    6 min read Mar 05, 2021
    Farmhouse in Oklahoma
  • Best car insurance in Texas for 2021

    Texas has the second-highest number of licensed drivers in the country, nearly 15.9 million, according to the Federal Highway Administration. The 2019 Texas traffic statistics provided by the Texas Department [...]

    6 min read Mar 05, 2021
    downtown san antonio skyline
  • The best Los Angeles car insurance companies 2021

    Los Angeles is home to over 10 million residents, with an average of two vehicles per household. That’s a lot of cars — and why the city is known for its gridlock. Car insurance in Los Angeles is mandatory. [...]

    6 min read Mar 05, 2021
    view of Los Angeles, CA city skyline with palm trees
  • How much is insurance for a Subaru Outback?

    How much you pay for car insurance is based on many factors. The make and model of the car you get is one of them. The cost or value of the car is a major deciding factor, but so is the cost to repair [...]

    4 min read Mar 05, 2021
    Blue Subaru on autumn road in rainy day
  • Diminished value claims explained

    After a car accident, the market value of your car decreases, even if it is restored to perfect condition. Diminished value refers to the difference in your car’s market value before and after the accident. [...]

    6 min read Mar 05, 2021
    man inspecting damaged car
  • Difference between a citation and a speeding ticket

    If you were pulled over for driving over the speed limit, you may have received a citation for a speeding violation. So what is a citation vs. a ticket? In most cases, they are the same thing. A ticket [...]

    6 min read Mar 05, 2021
    policeman pulling a woman over
  • Does life insurance cover suicide?

    Even when a suicidal person holds a life insurance policy, the heart-wrenching decision to end one’s life offers no easy financial answers for those we love. Insurers pay out in some instances, but some [...]

    4 min read Mar 05, 2021
    A woman sit and pensively stares out the window.
  • Life insurance exclusions

    Certain factors can void a life insurance policy, or at least make it more expensive.

    4 min read Mar 05, 2021
    A man parasailing into the sunset.
  • Burial insurance

    Grief and stress go hand in hand when a loved one passes, especially if funeral costs have not been taken care of prior to their death. One way to plan ahead and alleviate some stress is to put burial [...]

    5 min read Mar 05, 2021
    A group of people dressed up and standing around a coffin at a burial.

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