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Insurance Basics

What your home insurance covers

You wouldn’t think about moving into your dream home without purchasing homeowners insurance. You want to cover your most valuable asset to protect against the costly aftermath of disasters like fires, [...]

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Types of life insurance

Knowing the differences can help you determine the best policy for your situation.

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Buy gap insurance if I lease car?

When you buy or lease a car, you’re making an investment. But ask any financial advisor and they’ll tell you money spent on a car is, in fact, not a sound investment at all. In fact, your car can leave [...]

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Latest Articles

  • Michigan Car Insurance Laws

    By law, all Michigan drivers are required to carry car insurance. More specifically, drivers must have a minimum amount of car insurance and certain types of insurance in order to comply with state laws. [...]

    4 min read Dec 04, 2020
    Michigan coast
  • Cheapest car insurance in Georgia 2020

    While Georgia may not be a cheap state in which to drive, there are absolutely things you can do to help lower your premium costs and minimize the damage to your bank account. Doing things like finding [...]

    3 min read Dec 04, 2020
    Traffic in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • What to do after a hit and run in California

    A car accident is never ideal, but the situation becomes much more complex — and potentially expensive — when the other driver or drivers involved leave the scene before exchanging information. It’s [...]

    4 min read Dec 04, 2020
    A woman pushing a shopping car inspects a scrape on the back of her car from a hit and run.
  • What to do after a hit and run in Florida

    Any car accident is stressful, but it adds another layer of tension if the other person speeds away before exchanging information. While this type of accident is especially uncomfortable, it’s not uncommon. [...]

    4 min read Dec 04, 2020
    A woman sits on the sidewalk on her smartphone next to her car that has been hit.
  • Maryland Auto Insurance review 2020

    Formerly known as Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, Maryland Auto Insurance was created by the state of Maryland to keep the state’s drivers on the road legally. They offer a transitional solution to uninsured [...]

    3 min read Dec 04, 2020
    City streets in Maryland at night.
  • GAINSCO Auto Insurance Review 2020

    GAINSCO Insurance was founded in 1978 and conducts business operations today through MGA Insurance. The company sells car insurance exclusively through independent agents and specializes in insurance for [...]

    3 min read Dec 03, 2020
    A mom and daughter taking a drive.
  • Tornado Insurance

    Do you live in one of the states with the most tornado claims?

    4 min read Dec 03, 2020
    Shot of a tornado whipping through a lightly forested area.
  • Pure Insurance Review 2020: Home & Car

    PURE Insurance was founded in 2006 and is based in White Plains, New York. For over 30 years, the company has been selling home and auto insurance to individuals with a high net worth. Its policies are [...]

    5 min read Dec 03, 2020
    A family dinner.
  • Best Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2020

    Whether you just purchased a new home or have been a homeowner for many years, having the right home insurance policy is essential. However, before purchasing a policy, it’s important to find a provider [...]

    7 min read Dec 02, 2020
    home owners insurance

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