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Insurance Basics

What is an annuity?

Millions of Americans invest in them, though they do have some notable drawbacks.

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  • Guide to insurance for active military and veterans

    It’s not uncommon for businesses to give discounts to members of the military, and insurance companies are no exception. These special programs help you save money on coverage and sometimes provide more [...]

    7 min read Oct 23, 2020
    Military father arriving home and hugging child.
  • Actual cash value

    Homeowners insurance is there for you to turn to when your home or property suffers damage or a loss. Homeowners are vulnerable to damage from severe weather, theft, fire or other disasters. But how much, [...]

    4 min read Oct 21, 2020
    A smartphone with a cracked screen.
  • Moving homes during COVID-19

    While moving to a new home – whether it’s down the street or in another state – can be an exciting experience for some people, the circumstances surrounding a move can make the experience extremely [...]

    4 min read Oct 20, 2020
    African American couple sits on the floor of their living room in their new house with wine and pizza. They have facemasks pulled down so you can see them smiling.
  • Is homeowners insurance required?

    Owning a home comes with a lot of expenses, from upfront closing costs to ongoing maintenance and repairs. With so many costs, you may look for ways to save money. But if you’re wondering, “Is homeowners [...]

    3 min read Oct 19, 2020
    Man sits in the living room on the floor in front of the television with his kids and the family dog.
  • What is total loss car insurance?

    Cars are fantastic tools, but they’re also expensive to replace. Suppose you are in a car accident and it’s not your fault. In that case, you can expect the at-fault driver’s insurance company to [...]

    5 min read Oct 19, 2020
    A shot of a gray car flipped over on its roof off the road after an accident.
  • Is whole life insurance worth it?

    If you’ve been considering investing in a life insurance policy, you’ve probably realized by now that there are a broad range of products on the market. The challenge is understanding the financial [...]

    5 min read Oct 19, 2020
    Asian father carries his daughter on his shoulders while they spend some time outside.
  • What is an insurance peril?

    Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you against the unexpected. For example, if your home is lost in a fire or suffers damage from flooding, home insurance steps in to cover your losses. However, [...]

    3 min read Oct 19, 2020
    A car driving in the rain and coming up alongside a truck.
  • Replacement cost

    Insuring your home or rental is a smart decision that comes with many variables to consider. One of the most important options you’ll need to decide on is how you’d like any losses or damages to be [...]

    4 min read Oct 19, 2020
    A close-up of a roof in desperate need of repair.
  • What is a lienholder?

    More than 85% of new vehicles purchased in the United States are financed. Auto loans are popular because many people don’t have the funds to pay the full price of a vehicle upfront. And even if they [...]

    4 min read Oct 19, 2020
    A Hispanic couple is sitting down with a financial expert to discuss a their assets.
  • What is reinsurance?

    Each year, natural catastrophes like tornados, hurricanes, wildfires and flooding take their toll on the planet, on property and on people. The devastation of these and other types of disasters leave their [...]

    3 min read Oct 19, 2020
    Same sex couple sits on the couch together reviewing their auto insurance policy.

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