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Insurance Basics

Turn 25, save on auto insurance?

Most young drivers, have probably heard about the price drop on car insurance that’s supposed to happen when you turn 25. But turning 25 isn’t an automatic rate-reducing scenario. Insurance providers [...]

7 min read

What your home insurance covers

You wouldn’t think about moving into your dream home without purchasing homeowners insurance. You want to cover your most valuable asset to protect against the costly aftermath of disasters like fires, [...]

6 min read

Latest Articles

  • Best Homeowners Insurance in Texas 2021

    The old adage that “everything is bigger in Texas” can be applied to homeowners insurance in Texas as well. The Lone Star State is subject to a number of hazards, including flooding, tornadoes, sinkholes, [...]

    7 min read Jan 15, 2021
    A nice line-up of homes in Texas.
  • Best Oklahoma Car Insurance Companies 2021

    There are about 2.5 million licensed drivers in Oklahoma. With 46% male and 54% female drivers, the average cost of insurance premiums in Oklahoma is $850.62. If you’re comparing Oklahoma’s insurance [...]

    6 min read Jan 15, 2021
    Mountain top view of the wichita mountains at the wildlife refuge in Oklahoma
  • Auto Insurance for Seniors

    The cost of your car insurance changes throughout your life to reflect your age and driving experience. Insurance starts off as the most expensive when you’re a teen and drops in the decades that follow. [...]

    6 min read Jan 15, 2021
    An older Asian couple enjoying a nice drive (you can see their smiling faces reflected in the sideview mirror)
  • Understanding Life Insurance Blood Tests

    If you have ever applied for life insurance, you may already know that a blood test is part of the application process for most policies. This blood test takes place during the medical exam that is scheduled [...]

    4 min read Jan 15, 2021
    An older nurse drawing blood from a woman.
  • Ohio Car Insurance Laws

    In 2020, Ohio law enforcement reported 9,352 distracted driving violations, charged 25,624 drivers with operating a vehicle impaired (OVI) and investigated 54,662 crashes. There were more than 1,200 deaths [...]

    4 min read Jan 15, 2021
    dog sticking out of car window
  • United Auto Insurance Review 2021: Overview & Rates

    United Auto Insurance (UAI) is headquartered in Chicago, IL and serves customers in Illinois and Indiana. Don’t be fooled by the name- besides car insurance, the company also offers home and renters [...]

    3 min read Jan 15, 2021
    couple leaning against their car, looking at a phone
  • Ladder Life Insurance Review 2021

    Ladder Life Insurance is a FinTech insurance company that was founded in 2015. The company operates entirely online, and exclusively sells term life insurance policies in all 50 states. Ladder’s modern [...]

    3 min read Jan 15, 2021
    An African-American father playing with his little daughter on a swing set.

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