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Find news and advice on homeowners, renters, auto and life insurance.

Car Insurance

Auto insurance protects your finances from the unexpected. Use our car insurance tools to generate quotes, compare coverage options and find the best insurance company for you. Bankrate’s editorial team curated these top auto insurance picks for your budget.

Homeowners Insurance

If anything happens to your home or belongings, home insurance can protect you financially. Find out how much home insurance you need, how much you’ll pay, and what company is best for you with our online tools.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps you financially care for your loved ones after you pass away. Bankrate is here to help you compare quotes and find the best life insurance company for you.

Latest Articles

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    Geico vs State Farm

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    AARP vs. AAA

    See how AARP and AAA compare and which may be right for you.

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    AAA vs State Farm

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    Geico vs MetLife

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    Bankrate takes a look at how Geico’s insurance compares to Progressive.

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    AAA vs Travelers

    Choosing between AAA and Travelers? This guide may help.

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    Nationwide vs AAA

    Comparing insurers can help highlight better rates and more coverage options

    9 min read Jan 31, 2023
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    Allstate vs Amica

    Having trouble choosing between Allstate and Amica? Bankrate provides guidance.

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