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Insurance Basics

What your home insurance covers

You wouldn’t think about moving into your dream home without purchasing homeowners insurance. You want to cover your most valuable asset to protect against the costly aftermath of disasters like fires, [...]

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Types of life insurance

Knowing the differences can help you determine the best policy for your situation.

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Buy gap insurance if I lease car?

When you buy or lease a car, you’re making an investment. But ask any financial advisor and they’ll tell you money spent on a car is, in fact, not a sound investment at all. In fact, your car can leave [...]

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Latest Articles

  • California car insurance laws

    Car insurance is legally required in California. Every driver must carry a minimum amount of insurance in order to meet the state’s requirements. Before you purchase auto insurance in the Golden State, [...]

    4 min read Nov 30, 2020
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  • Insurance for newlyweds

    Here comes the bride — asking about all the right insurance for her married life.

    4 min read Nov 30, 2020
    The back of a groom carrying his bride at an outdoor wedding while attendees throw rice!
  • Car insurance for 20 year olds

    Looking for affordable car insurance for a 20 year old? Cheap car insurance for 20 year olds isn’t the easiest thing to find, but there are ways to lower your monthly premium if you know what you’re [...]

    5 min read Nov 30, 2020
    Adults in their 20s driving somewhere and laughing.
  • Midland National Life Insurance Review 2020

    Midland National is a privately-held insurance company that has been around since 1906. It started as the Dakota Mutual Life Insurance Company and grew steadily during both World Wars and the Great Depression. [...]

    4 min read Nov 24, 2020
    A husband and wife walk through a park with their two children.
  • Life insurance for diabetics

    Life insurance is one of the most foundational components of any well-crafted financial plan. It can provide tax-free income to use in any manner that you like, and it can also provide your heirs with [...]

    5 min read Nov 24, 2020
    A dad checks his blood with a diabetic testing kit while his daughter watches, confused.
  • Voluntary life insurance

    Life insurance is generally considered to be the bedrock of any comprehensive financial plan. But those who have medical conditions that prevent them from getting coverage are often left between a rock [...]

    4 min read Nov 24, 2020
    A grandson is playing with his grandparents in the living room.
  • Does homeowners insurance cover tornado damage?

    By a wide margin, the United States is the world leader in the number of yearly tornadoes the country sees. Statistics show that over 1,000 tornadoes occur within our boundaries every year, while Canada [...]

    5 min read Nov 24, 2020
    Two men are removing debris from the street after a tornado.
  • The Best Oregon Car Insurance Companies 2020

    Traveling Oregon’s spectacular highways and byways comes with certain risks. Drivers need to protect their investments and Oregon law requires automobile owners to carry certain minimum insurance coverages. [...]

    5 min read Nov 24, 2020
    oregon highway
  • GoAuto Insurance Review

    GoAuto Insurance was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Louisiana. Currently, the company exclusively sells car insurance to drivers in Louisiana, Nevada and Ohio. It specializes in affordable policies [...]

    2 min read Nov 24, 2020
    Black daughter drives while her mother is in the passenger side on the phone. They are both laughing and smiling.

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