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What is an annuity?

Millions of Americans invest in them, though they do have some notable drawbacks.

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  • What is property damage liability?

    Getting into a car accident is a major inconvenience and can be expensive—especially if you caused the crash. If your car is damaged, your collision insurance will cover the cost of repairs. But what [...]

    4 min read Sep 08, 2020
    A woman crouches, wearing an orange vest and examining the damage to the front of her car while an insurance agent with a clipboard performs an inspection.
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

    Part of being a car owner is dealing with vehicle repairs. Whether it’s a broken A/C system or a dead battery, car repairs can be expensive. Car problems are often unexpected, and most people don’t [...]

    4 min read Sep 08, 2020
    A man stands in front of his car with the hood up trying to get the vehicle fixed.
  • Indexed Life Insurance

    There are many different types of life insurance policies on the market. When you’re buying a policy, it can be confusing to figure out which one is right for you. But if you’re a confident stock market [...]

    4 min read Sep 04, 2020
    An older Asian man holds a tennis racket on a court and shouts in joy after scoring a point.
  • Westfield Insurance Review 2020: Car and Home

    Westfield Insurance is a midwest company that takes pride in its community relationships. In addition to being one of the largest non-public companies in Ohio, Westfield is also the largest employer in [...]

    4 min read Sep 04, 2020
    A father holds his daughter up in the air while mom is making lunches and smiling in the kitchen.
  • Best car insurance in Michigan 2020

    Are you new to Michigan and looking for inexpensive car insurance? You’ve got options, but know that you’ll pay more for auto insurance in Michigan than you’re likely used to. Though that will hopefully [...]

    5 min read Sep 04, 2020
  • Transamerica Life Insurance Review 2020

    Transamerica was founded in 1904 with the idea that “financial security should be available to everyone.” In 1999, Transamerica became part of Aegon N.V., an international financial organization. For [...]

    4 min read Sep 03, 2020
    Asian father sits with his young son on his lap in the kitchen, working out his bills and finances.
  • Kemper Insurance Review: Auto, Home & Life

    Kemper is a multifaceted insurance holding company that sells auto, home, life and small business insurance products. It offers auto insurance through agents and independent brokers in the state of California, [...]

    6 min read Sep 03, 2020
    A black financial advisor instructs a couple on how to proceed.
  • John Hancock Life Insurance Review

    If you worry about how your loved ones will fare after you pass, planning for such an event is necessary, even if it’s uncomfortable. Life insurance is the best way to financially provide for those who [...]

    4 min read Sep 03, 2020
    An older woman and her daughter review life insurance options on a laptop.
  • Country Financial Insurance Review 2020: Car, Home & Life

    The Country Financial Insurance Company began in 1925 when a group of Illinois farmers came together to develop insurance plans for fire and lightning. Since then, Country Financial has developed a wide [...]

    4 min read Sep 03, 2020
    A couple consults with a financial expert.

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