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R.E. Hawley

Senior Writer, Insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Bachelor of Science, Clarkson University
  • Master of Arts, University of Rochester


About the author

R.E. Hawley is a senior writer for Bankrate. Prior to joining Bankrate’s insurance editorial team in 2024, they worked as senior writer for a popular car ownership and insurance comparison app, leading a team of over a dozen writers in creating customer-focused financial advice content on topics ranging from insurance to vehicle reliability and auto loan refinance. R.E. holds a personal lines insurance license in the state of New York.

R.E.’s interest in insurance stems from a holistic view of car and homeownership. These are essential — and often joyful — parts of most Americans’ lives, but a shallow understanding of the financial topics involved in car and homeownership can lead to preventable financial losses. Because financial industries often profit from consumer blind spots, providing well-researched, up-to-date information and expert advice in a readable format is a powerful counter to financial helplessness.

As a professional writer with over a decade of combined experience in the education and insurance spaces, R.E. values creating accessible content on complex financial topics that people can use to make informed decisions in an increasingly chaotic insurance marketplace.

R.E. wants you to know

Talking to insurance experts and listening to industry insiders can help to illuminate the nuances of topics that aren’t covered on company websites. Always look beyond what a carrier has to say and ask questions before committing to a policy.

Insurance literacy is a skill everyone can learn. Find voices you trust to build your insurance knowledge.

— R.E. Hawley

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