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Banks nationwide are giving out stacks of free cash. To get your piece of the pie, you’ll need to open a new checking or savings account.

Shopping around for a bank account is never fun. But if you could walk away with an extra $200 or $300, it could be worth your while. With interest rates on the rise, this is a great time to look for banks paying higher yields.

Here are some of the best bank account bonuses in April. Compare these offers along with CDs and other savings accounts that pay more interest.

Best savings account bonus

Chase Bank: $150 or $200 bonus

If you open a savings account in a Chase branch by Apr. 23 (and present a printed email with a code), you can earn $200. You must deposit $15,000 within 10 business days and maintain that balance for 90 days.

If you have at least $10,000 to stick into a savings account, you can earn $150 for maintaining that balance for 90 days. When combined with the $200 Total Checking account bonus, you’ll earn $350 total. This offer expires Apr. 16.

The downside? Chase’s savings account pays just 0.01 percent APY. Check out the best high-yield savings accounts.

Our review of Chase’s financial health gave the bank four out of five stars. Chase is headquartered in Columbus, Ohi0.

Best checking account offers

TD Bank: $150 or $300 bonus

A $300 bonus is available for TD Bank customers who:

  • Open a Premier Checking account online.
  • Have never had a TD Bank personal checking account.
  • Have at least $2,500 worth of direct deposit funds within 60 days of opening the account.

There’s also a $150 cash bonus if you’d prefer a Convenience Checking account.

Bonuses are available to residents in the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and every state on the east coast except Georgia.

TD Bank is based in Wilmington, Delaware. In Bankrate’s review of TD Bank’s financial health, it earned four out of five stars.

Chase Bank: $200 or $300 bonus

Through Apr. 16, you could earn $300 by opening a Premier Plus checking account. Or earn $200 by opening a Total Checking account.

There’s also a $300 bonus available for customers who open a Total Checking account by Apr 23.All three promotions require you to visit a branch and present an email with a coupon code. You’re eligible for a bonus if you:

  • Don’t have an existing Chase fiduciary or checking account (or closed one with a negative balance or within the last 90 days).
  • Deposit $25.
  • Have a direct deposit made within 60 days of opening the account.

The bank has branches in 26 states including Georgia and Florida and in the western, southwestern, Midwestern and northern parts of the country. See how Chase’s offers stack up against other checking accounts deals.


SunTrust Bank: $250 or $500 bonus

Open a SunTrust checking account online by Apr. 30 and earn up to $500 by depositing $100 within 14 days and making 10 debit card purchases within 60 days.

Using the promo code (Q118CHECKINGOL), new personal checking account holders may qualify for one of these bonuses:

  • $250 bonus for opening a Select Checking account and having a $1,000 direct deposit within 60 days.
  • $500 bonus for opening a Signature Advantage account and having a $2,000 direct deposit within 60 days.

The offer is valid for residents in the District of Columbia, Maryland and 10 southern states. In Bankrate’s review of SunTrust’s financial health, the bank earned four out of five stars. It’s headquartered in Atlanta

Elements Financial: $200 bonus

An Indiana-based credit union is offering a $200 bonus to new members who open a high interest checking account and enter a promotional code (CHECK200). To qualify for the bonus you must:

  • Join the credit union.
  • Set up a recurring direct deposit of at least $500 within 60 days.

If you meet additional requirements, the high interest checking account pays 2 percent APY on balances of up to $20,000. The best savings account rate available nationwide is only 1.85 percent APY.

Anyone nationwide can join the Elements Financial by becoming a member of Tru Direction and paying a $5 membership fee. The credit union earned four out of five stars in the latest review of its financial health.

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