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Greg McBride, CFA Arrow Right Chief financial analyst

Greg McBride, CFA, is Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Analyst, for He leads a team responsible for researching financial products, providing analysis, and advice on personal finance to a vast consumer audience.

Mark Hamrick Arrow Right Washington Bureau Chief

Mark Hamrick is Washington Bureau Chief for Bankrate. He is a national award-winning business and financial news journalist.

Ted Rossman Arrow Right Credit Card Senior Industry Analyst

Ted Rossman is a senior industry analyst at He focuses on the credit card industry and helps consumers maximize rewards, get out of debt and improve their credit scores.

Sarah Foster Arrow Right U.S. economy reporter

Sarah Foster covers the Federal Reserve, the U.S. economy and economic policy. She previously worked for Bloomberg News, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Daily Herald.

James Royal Arrow Right Principal writer, investing and wealth management

Bankrate principal writer James F. Royal, Ph.D., covers investing and wealth management. His work has been cited by CNBC, the Washington Post, The New York Times and more.

Jeff Ostrowski Arrow Right Senior mortgage reporter

Jeff Ostrowski covers mortgages and the housing market. Before joining Bankrate in 2020, he wrote about real estate and the economy for the Palm Beach Post and the South Florida Business Journal.

Alex Gailey is a journalist who weaves together data and narratives to help consumers better understand the important decisions that go into managing money effectively.

Matthew Goldberg Arrow Right Consumer banking reporter

Matthew Goldberg is a consumer banking reporter at Bankrate. Matthew has been in financial services for more than a decade, in banking and insurance.

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05/24/2023 Nearly 2 in 5 Have a Side Hustle; 44% Think They Will Always Need One pdf
05/22/2023 Southeastern U.S. Sweeps Top 10 Hottest Housing Markets pdf
05/17/2023 More Than Half of Investors Took Action This Year Due to Inflation, Better Safe Haven Returns pdf
05/08/2023 52% of U.S. Adults Say Money Has a Negative Impact on Their Mental Health, up from 42% in 2022 pdf
04/26/2023 80% of Summer Vacationers Are Making Changes Due to Inflation pdf
04/19/2023 73% of Aspiring Homeowners Cite an Affordability Factor as the Primary Obstacle pdf
04/10/2023 68% Have Made a Financial Sacrifice to Help Adult Children pdf
04/03/2023 More Than Half of Workforce Likely to Look for a New Job in Next 12 Months, Up from Last Year pdf
03/30/2023 Less Than 1 in 4 Savers Earning at Least 3%; 75% of Online Accounts Offer Rates Higher Than That pdf
03/27/2023 The Average Gen Z and Millennial Wedding Guest Will Spend Around $1,200 Attending Weddings This Year pdf
03/01/2023 Nearly 7 in 10 Are Worried About Their Tax Refunds Due to Inflation, Smaller Payouts and More pdf
02/27/2023 Austin, TX, is the Best Metro for First-Time Homebuyers; Washington, D.C., is the Worst pdf
02/23/2023 Nearly Half Have Less or No Savings Compared to a Year Ago pdf
02/09/2023 Nearly 2 in 5 In Relationships Have Committed Financial Infidelity and More Than Half Believe it’s at Least as Bad as Physical Cheating pdf
02/06/2023 The Average Cost of Auto Insurance in the U.S. is $2,014 in 2023, Up 13.72% from Last Year pdf
01/25/2023 Majority Unable to Afford $1,000 Emergency Expense as Inflation Increasingly Stifles Ability to Save pdf
01/17/2023 57 Million Pay Checking Account Fees Every Month and Nearly Half are Sacrificing Recession Preparedness to Do So pdf
01/10/2023 More Cardholders are Now Carrying Credit Card Debt and More Than 2 in 5 with Debt Don’t Know Their Interest Rates pdf
12/19/2022 Nearly 2 in 3 Americans Do Not Expect Personal Finances to Improve in 2023 pdf
12/07/2022 More Adults Plan to Give Annual Holiday Tips This Year Compared to 2021, But Will Likely Give Lower Amounts pdf
11/21/2022 More Consumers Likely to Shop on Small Business Saturday than Black Friday this Year pdf
11/17/2022 Majority of Americans Delaying Financial Milestones, Opting Out of Activities or Events Due to State of the Economy pdf
10/31/2022 43% Say Their Finances Are Worse Now Than When Biden Was Elected pdf
10/24/2022 More Than One Third of Working Americans Feel They are “Significantly Behind” on Retirement Savings pdf
10/05/2022 Inflation, Rising Prices Causing 79% of Holiday Travelers to Change Their Plans pdf
09/14/2022 Majority of American Households: “Pay Not Keeping Up with Inflation” pdf
09/08/2022 Half of Holiday Shoppers to Begin by Halloween With Inflation Set to Play Major Role pdf
08/31/2022 Costly Overdraft & NSF Fees Still Charged by Majority of Banks pdf
08/24/2022 Roughly 7 in 10 are Worried About Possible Recession, Taking Steps to Prepare pdf
08/18/2022 Michigan the Most Affordable State for Retirees, Florida is the Best Overall pdf
08/11/2022 41% of Back-to-School Shoppers Will Change the Way They Shop Due to Inflation, with 95% of Those Actively Looking to Save Money This Year pdf
07/20/2022 Real Estate Still Americans’ Preferred Long-term Investment pdf
07/18/2022 Nearly Half of Gen Z, Millennial Social Media Users Have Felt Negatively About Their Finances After Seeing Others’ Posts pdf
07/11/2022 Nearly 4 in 5 Travelers Have Experienced Issues This Year pdf
06/23/2022 Majority Now Uncomfortable With Emergency Savings as More Balances Have Declined in Past Year pdf
06/21/2022 Side Gig Income Becomes More Critical: 41% Need it for Living Expenses, up from 31% in 2019 pdf
06/13/2022 Los Angeles is the Worst Metro for First-Time Homebuyers; Pittsburgh is the Best pdf
05/19/2022 Amid Market Volatility and Inflation, Less than 1 in 5 Will Increase Their Stock Market Investments This Year pdf
05/02/2022 42% of U.S. Adults Say Money Negatively Impacts Their Mental Health pdf
04/25/2022 69% of Summer Vacationers Anticipate Making Changes Due to Inflation pdf
04/21/2022 Roughly 7 in 10 Gen Z, Millennial Student Loan Borrowers Delayed a Major Financial Decision as a Result of This Debt pdf
04/04/2022 The Average Cost of Auto Insurance in the U.S. is $1,771 in 2022 pdf
03/30/2022 Nearly Two-Thirds Say Affordability Factors are Holding Them Back From Homeownership pdf
03/14/2022 Over Half of Workforce Still Likely to Look for New Job in Next 12 Months pdf
03/09/2022 Roughly 3 in 4 Say Inflation is Hurting Them Financially, Are Worried About Further Price Increases pdf
02/22/2022 Concerns of Delays, Inflation, and More Have Two-Thirds Worried About Their Tax Refunds This Year pdf
02/09/2022 Just 53% of Americans Have More Emergency Savings Than Credit Card Debt pdf
02/07/2022 51% of U.S. Adults with a Subscription or Membership Account Have Incurred Unwanted Charges pdf
01/19/2022 Just 44% of Americans Could Cover an Unplanned $1,000 Expense From Savings pdf
01/10/2022 40% of Credit Card Debtors Don’t Know Their Interest Rate pdf
01/04/2022 Gen Z and Millennials Paying More Than Three Times as Much in Monthly Checking Account Fees as Older Generations pdf
12/20/2021 2 in 3 U.S. Adults Do Not Expect Personal Finances to Improve in 2022 pdf
12/13/2021 Over 4 in 10 Who Extended Financial Assistance to Friends and Family Suffered Consequences pdf
12/06/2021 69% With Federal Student Loans Will Need to Take Additional Action to Afford Monthly Payments When Deferment Ends Next Year pdf
11/22/2021 77% of U.S. Adults Experienced Product-Related Shopping Problems in October pdf
11/17/2021 52% of Workers Feel Behind on Retirement Savings pdf
11/15/2021 California Ranks as Worst State for Drivers, Ohio is the Best pdf
10/27/2021 Majority of Workers (56%) Haven’t Received a Pay Raise or Promotion in the Past Year pdf
10/25/2021 More Adults Likely to Attend a Live Event or Attraction in Q4 Than Q1, Q2, Q3 Combined pdf
10/20/2021 Overdraft Fees Hit All Time High, Interest Checking Account Balance Requirements Soar pdf
10/04/2021 Ranking the Most and Least Valuable College Majors pdf
09/27/2021 59 Million Added to Credit Card Debt Since Beginning of COVID-19 Pandemic pdf
09/20/2021 Three California Metros Top the List of Most Expensive Places to Insure a Teen Driver pdf
09/15/2021 Americans Say Biggest Threat to the Economy Continues to be the Covid-19 Pandemic pdf
08/25/2021 Higher Prices: Nearly Two-Thirds Say Increases Have Had Negative Financial Impact pdf
08/23/2021 55% of Those in the Workforce Likely to Search for a New Job in the Next 12 Months pdf
08/18/2021 Despite Record Low Rates, Less Than 1 in 5 With Pre-Pandemic Mortgages Have Refinanced pdf
07/26/2021 U.S. Adults Total $15 Billion in Unused Gift Cards, Vouchers, Store Credits pdf
07/21/2021 More Than Half Have Less Than 3 Months’ Emergency Savings pdf
07/07/2021 Georgia Beats Out Florida, Emerges as #1 Best State to Retire in 2021 pdf
06/23/2021 Real Estate and Cash Are Americans’ Top Preferred Investments Over the Next 10 Years pdf
06/22/2021 As Workers Return to Office, Majority Say Working From Home Improved Their Finances pdf
05/19/2021 Many Parents Forced to Alter Work Schedules to Care for Children During Pandemic, Take on Debt for Summer Childcare pdf
05/17/2021 64% of Millennial Homeowners Have Regrets: Maintenance and Hidden Costs Biggest Culprit pdf
05/12/2021 Lasting Pandemic Effect – Americans Vow to Save More for Emergencies pdf
04/19/2021 Just 16% Have a Ticket to a Future Live Event pdf
04/14/2021 67% Receiving Stimulus Payment Say It’s Important to Their Near-term Financial Situation pdf
04/07/2021 Millennials, Gen Z More Than Twice as Likely to Have Delayed a Financial Milestone Due to COVID-19 Pandemic pdf
03/31/2021 2021 Annual Auto Insurance Premiums Average $1,674/year in the U.S. pdf
03/24/2021 More Than Half of Investors Think the Stock Market is Rigged Against the Individual pdf
03/22/2021 While Many Parents Cite Benefits of Remote Learning, Men and Women See It Differently pdf
03/15/2021 31% of Young Adults Relocated During the Pandemic pdf
03/03/2021 Housing Markets in Mountain West, Midwest Hottest Through End of 2020 pdf
02/24/2021 Even after COVID-19 Vaccination, Nearly a Quarter of U.S. Adults (24%) Won’t Be Comfortable Visiting Local Businesses pdf
02/22/2021 31% of Rewards Cardholders Didn’t Redeem Any Points, Miles or Stays in 2020 pdf
02/10/2021 Barely Half Have More Emergency Savings Than Credit Card Debt pdf
01/19/2021 71% of Recipients Say Stimulus Money Important to Near-Term Financial Situation, But Relief Won’t Last Long pdf
01/13/2021 Those Financially Impacted by COVID-19 Paying Four Times More in Bank Fees pdf
01/11/2021 Less Than 4-in-10 Could Pay an Unexpected $1,000 Expense Out of Savings pdf
12/21/2020 Even in 2020, It’s Still Easy to Get Out of Credit Card Fees If You Ask pdf
12/14/2020 48% With Homeowners Insurance, 38% With Auto Insurance Who Didn’t Review Their Policies This Year Should Have pdf
12/09/2020 42% of Households Say Income is Below Pre-Pandemic Levels Because of COVID-19 Impact pdf
11/23/2020 Nearly 1 in 3 Millennials Have Been Denied A Financial Product This Year Due to Credit Score pdf
11/16/2020 27% of Mortgage Holders Don’t Know Their Interest Rate pdf
10/28/2020 Over 9 in 10 Put Their Personal Data at Risk as Online Holiday Shopping Expected to Rise pdf
10/21/2020 Interest Checking Account Fees Hit Record High, Average Yield Ties Record Low pdf
10/14/2020 More Say Coronavirus Pandemic, Not Election Outcome, is the Biggest Threat to the Economy pdf
10/07/2020 61% of Property Insurance Policyholders: “I’m Not Very Confident I Know My Deductible” pdf
09/23/2020 Nearly Half Say Top Financial Priority Is ‘Getting Caught Up or Staying Current on Bills’ pdf
09/08/2020 Just Over One Quarter Say Finances Have Improved Under President Trump pdf
09/02/2020 75% of Millennial Homeowners Will Spend Big on Upgrades This Year, But Nearly Half Will Go into Debt to Do So pdf
08/20/2020 Nearly 3x Americans Report Having Less, Versus More, Emergency Savings Now Than Before the Pandemic pdf
08/19/2020 More Than Half Have Lost Money on Their Canceled Events Due to Covid-19 pdf
08/13/2020 More Than 3 in 5 Parents Say Remote Learning Would Negatively Impact Their Finances pdf
07/23/2020 Americans Now Point to Stock Market as Favorite Long-Term Investment pdf
07/22/2020 33% of Cardholders Did Something That Could Hurt Their Credit Score During COVID-19 pdf
07/15/2020 More Than One-Third Delayed a Major Financial Milestone Due to COVID-19 pdf
07/09/2020 Nearly Half of U.S. Households: Income Declined Due to Covid-19 pdf
06/24/2020 Fewer People Losing Sleep Over Money Issues Right Now pdf
06/18/2020 More Than Half Regret Their Emergency, Retirement Savings Concerning the Pandemic pdf
06/15/2020 Nearly Three-Quarters’ Personal Finances Have Not Improved Since President Trump Took Over pdf
05/27/2020 31 Million Have Withdrawn, Plan to Withdraw from Retirement Savings Due to COVID-19 pdf
05/18/2020 Only 35% Comfortable Visiting Local Businesses in Under a Month if Reopened by Memorial Day pdf
05/14/2020 Credit Card Usage Soars at Grocery Stores, Restaurants During Coronavirus Pandemic pdf
05/13/2020 Nearly 1 in 5 Has Diminished Savings Since Start of Coronavirus pdf
05/06/2020 More than Half of Mortgage, Auto Borrowers Are Concerned About Making Upcoming Payments pdf
04/27/2020 Growing Concern Among U.S. Adults About Paying Bills, Value of Investments Even as Stimulus Checks Go Out pdf
04/16/2020 59 Million Have Lost Money on Canceled Plans Due to Coronavirus pdf
04/14/2020 U.S. Adults Less Concerned About Paying Bills Since Stimulus Package Announced pdf
04/08/2020 31% Think Stimulus Checks Won’t Sustain Them for One Month pdf
03/31/2020 Majority Have Cut Spending Amid Coronavirus Crisis pdf
03/19/2020 64% of Millennials Have Used Someone Else’s Subscription Service pdf
03/12/2020 Nearly 1 in 3 Families Skipped Medical Care in Past Year Due to Cost pdf
03/11/2020 More Than Three-Quarters Say Their Mortgage Negatively Impacts Their Ability to Save Money pdf
02/20/2020 Just 49% Have More Emergency Savings than Credit Card Debt pdf
02/18/2020 U.S. Adults Have More Than $20 Billion in Unused Gift Cards or Other Leftover Credits pdf
02/13/2020 More Than 1 in 4 Do Not Know Their Mortgage Rate pdf
02/10/2020 Millennials Have High Valentine’s Day Expectations pdf
01/23/2020 More Than Half of Rewards Cardholders Are Missing Out on Rewards pdf
01/22/2020 Only 4 in 10 Could Pay an Unexpected $1,000 Expense From Their Savings pdf
01/16/2020 Most Americans Don’t Expect Finances to Improve This Year pdf
01/15/2020 Minorities, Millennials Among Those Who Pay the Most Bank Fees pdf
12/19/2019 Half of Workers Did Not Get a Pay Increase This Year pdf
12/18/2019 46% of Americans With $100k or more in Net Worth Struggle with Credit Card Debt pdf
12/12/2019 Lowest Earners Spend Disproportionately on Lottery Tickets, Other Financial Vices pdf
11/25/2019 Most Americans Expect to Spend the Same or Less This Holiday Season pdf
11/21/2019 More than Half of American Workers are Behind on Their Retirement Savings pdf
11/20/2019 Only 35% Owe Less on Credit Cards Relative to Past Decade pdf
11/13/2019 38 Million Willing to Boycott Holiday Gift-Giving to Save Money pdf
10/24/2019 Despite Safety Concerns 64% of U.S. Debit or Credit Cardholders Save Their Information Online pdf
10/23/2019 67% Say Finances Have Not Improved Since Last Election pdf
10/16/2019 4 in 10 are Not Prepared for a Recession pdf
10/02/2019 Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawals Cost More Than Ever pdf
09/26/2019 Just Under Half of Those Who Lent Cash to Friends and Family Suffered Consequences pdf
09/25/2019 America’s Top Financial Priority is Simply Keeping up With Bills pdf
09/11/2019 High Cost of Living, Student Loan Debt Force Determined Millennial Homebuyers to Get Creative pdf
08/28/2019 58% of Millennials Have Been Denied At Least One Financial Product Because of Their Credit Score pdf
08/26/2019 Ranking: The Most and Least Valuable College Majors pdf
08/21/2019 Only 29% of Working Americans Have Increased Their Retirement Savings Contributions pdf
08/14/2019 68% of Americans Have Skipped Recreational Activities in the Past Year Due to The Cost pdf
07/29/2019 Parents: Back-to-School Shopping Nearly as Daunting as the Holidays pdf
07/17/2019 Real Estate Remains Americans’ Preferred Long-Term Investment pdf
07/10/2019 Nebraska is the Best State to Retire pdf
06/27/2019 More Than Half of Americans Lose Sleep Over Money pdf
06/26/2019 4 in 10 Say Economy is Weak — Experts Unanimously Disagree pdf
06/20/2019 1 in 3 Will Accrue Credit Card Debt from Summer Childcare Expenses pdf
06/13/2019 47 Million Are Worse Off Now Than Before the Great Recession pdf
06/05/2019 Nearly Half of U.S. Workers Have a Side Hustle pdf
05/30/2019 129 Million Don’t Realize Negative Impacts of Cancelling Credit Cards pdf
05/29/2019 America’s Top Financial Regret is Failure to Save pdf
05/23/2019 7 in 10 Americans Earn Less Than 2% APY on Savings pdf
05/13/2019 The Best and Worst Metros to Build an Emergency Fund pdf
04/25/2019 39 Million Can’t Afford a Summer Vacation pdf
04/24/2019 50% Sacrifice Retirement Savings to Financially Support Adult Children pdf
04/17/2019 Americans Three Times as Likely to Single Out Politics as Biggest Economic Threat pdf
04/11/2019 Millennials Redefine First-Date Finances pdf
04/01/2019 30% Who Declined a Wedding Invite Due to Cost Were Negatively Impacted pdf
03/18/2019 San Francisco is the Worst Metro for First-Time Homebuyers pdf
03/14/2019 21% of Working Americans Aren’t Saving Anything at All pdf
02/28/2019 63% of Millennial Homeowners Have Buyer’s Remorse pdf
02/27/2019 73% of Millennials with Student Loan Debt Have Delayed a Major Milestone as a Result pdf
02/13/2019 74 Million Americans Have More Credit Card Debt Than Emergency Savings pdf
02/06/2019 Men Have Higher Expectations for Valentine’s Day pdf
01/16/2019 More than 1 in 3 Americans Would Go Into Debt to Pay a $1,000 Emergency Expense pdf
01/14/2019 Majority Don’t Think Their Finances Will Improve in 2019 pdf
12/12/2018 6 in 10 Employed Americans Report No Salary Increase This Year pdf
12/05/2018 California Still the Worst State for Drivers, North Dakota is the Best pdf
11/28/2018 43% of Americans Say the Political Environment is the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Economy pdf
11/19/2018 45% of Americans Have Felt Pressured to Overspend on Holiday Gifts pdf
10/31/2018 Millennials, Baby Boomers Disagree About Sharing Salary Information pdf
10/24/2018 Majority of Americans Feel Their Finances Have Not Improved Since 2016 Election pdf
10/17/2018 66% of Americans are Limiting Spending pdf
10/10/2018 Banks Charge Non-Customers Record Amount to Use Their ATMs pdf
09/19/2018 24 Million Would Tap Home Equity to Keep up With Household Bills pdf
09/12/2018 Lowest Earners Spend 13% of Their Income on These Financial Vices pdf
09/10/2018 Ranking the Most and Least Valuable College Majors pdf
08/22/2018 More Americans Ramping Up Retirement Savings pdf
08/16/2018 Older Millennials Are the Most Stressed Age Group pdf
08/08/2018 America’s Growing Health Crisis for Women pdf
07/25/2018 Millennials Prefer Cash as Long-Term Investment pdf
07/18/2018 Americans Reveal Ideal Ages for Financial Milestones pdf
07/12/2018 South Dakota is the Best State to Retire pdf
06/25/2018 37% Have a Side Hustle pdf
06/20/2018 Many Americans are Satisfied with Their Inadequate Emergency Savings pdf
06/07/2018 6 in 10 Americans Don’t Know How Much Money They Need to Retire pdf
05/23/2018 1 in 4 Can’t Afford a Summer Vacation pdf
05/21/2018 Credit Unions Are Fee-Friendly Option for Consumers pdf
05/16/2018 49% Have Not Begun Addressing Their Biggest Financial Regret pdf
05/10/2018 Easiest and Hardest Metros to Build an Emergency Fund pdf
04/25/2018 62% of Homeowners Don’t Ever Plan to Move pdf
03/28/2018 How Much Should Guests Expect to Spend This Wedding Season? pdf
03/19/2018 Just Six Percent Were Net Sellers During Stock Market Correction pdf
03/14/2018 Despite Improving Economy, 1 in 5 Working Americans Aren’t Saving Any Money pdf
03/05/2018 Only 24% of US Workers are Aware of Changes in their Pay Check Due to Revisions in the Federal Tax Law pdf
02/22/2018 1 in 3 Does Not Have More Savings Than Credit Card Debt pdf
02/14/2018 Homeowners Spend Average of $2,000 Per Year on Maintenance Services pdf
02/08/2018 63% of Smartphone Users Have One or More Financial Apps pdf
02/01/2018 American Workers Report Strong Job Satisfaction pdf
01/18/2018 Just 39% of Americans Can Pay for a $1,000 Unexpected Expense pdf
12/26/2017 Just 23% Believe Elected Leaders Will Positively Impact Finances pdf
11/28/2017 Americans’ Favorite Ways to Give to Charity pdf
11/20/2017 Pittsburgh is the Best City to Retire pdf
11/14/2017 Majority of Americans Not Getting Salary Increases pdf
10/24/2017 Millennials More Than Twice as Likely to Limit Spending to Save More pdf
10/23/2017 Lowest-Income Americans Pay Three Times as Much for Checking Accounts pdf
10/02/2017 ATM Fees Set New Record; Up 55% in Past Decade pdf
09/28/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change pdf
09/27/2017 Americans Fear D.C. Politics More than North Korea pdf
09/21/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Move Back Above 4 Percent pdf
09/18/2017 Nearly Half of Americans Plan to Make a Substantial Purchase This Year pdf
09/13/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rebound Slightly pdf
09/07/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Dip for 3rd Consecutive Week pdf
08/31/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Set 2017 Low pdf
08/30/2017 Millions Have Already Booked Holiday Travel pdf
08/16/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Remain in Holding Pattern pdf
08/15/2017 Percentage of Working Americans Saving More for Retirement Highest in Six Years pdf
08/09/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Mostly Steady Amid Summer Doldrums pdf
08/03/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall for 4th Week in a Row pdf
07/27/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Inch Lower as Fed Holds Rates Steady pdf
07/20/2017 Millennial Spending Habits Differ From Older Generations pdf
07/20/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Retreat for Second Week in a Row pdf
07/19/2017 Real Estate is Americans’ Favorite Long-Term Investment pdf
07/13/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Move Lower pdf
07/12/2017 Over 44 Million Americans Have a Side Hustle pdf
07/06/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise pdf
06/29/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Inch Higher pdf
06/28/2017 New Cars Unaffordable for Most Americans pdf
06/26/2017 Millennials Struggle with Financial Vices pdf
06/22/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nudge Higher, But Remain Near 7-Month Lows pdf
06/20/2017 Nearly 1 in 4 Has No Emergency Savings pdf
06/15/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hovering at 7-Month Lows pdf
06/08/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit 7-Month Low pdf
06/07/2017 1-in-4 American Families Have Not Sought Medical Attention Due to Cost pdf
06/01/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates At Lowest Since Mid-November pdf
05/25/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit Six-Month Low pdf
05/25/2017 Houston is the Best City to Start a Career pdf
05/23/2017 73% Have Financial Regrets pdf
05/18/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide to 5-Month Low pdf
05/17/2017 Millennials Think Parents Should Stop Helping with Bills at Earlier Ages pdf
05/11/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rebound Slightly pdf
05/10/2017 42% of Americans Say a Person’s Credit Score Affects Romantic Interest pdf
05/04/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Dawdle Leading Up to Fed Announcement pdf
04/27/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Slight Rebound pdf
04/24/2017 Political Climate is Biggest Economic Risk pdf
04/20/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Drop to 2017 Lows pdf
04/19/2017 Wedding Gift-Giving Tendencies Vary by Region pdf
04/13/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slip Amid Geopolitical Tensions pdf
04/12/2017 3 in 10 Have Never Redeemed Credit Card Rewards pdf
04/06/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Lowest Since Mid-January pdf
03/30/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change pdf
03/29/2017 Best and Worst States to Retire pdf
03/23/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Reverse Course pdf
03/21/2017 Americans Feel Better About Savings for First Time in Six Years pdf
03/16/2017 Mortgage Rates Hit Multi-Year Highs Ahead of Fed Meeting pdf
03/13/2017 Free Checking Reaches New High at Credit Unions pdf
03/09/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Jump to Nearly 3-Year High pdf
03/06/2017 Just 6% Plan to Splurge with Their Tax Refund pdf
03/02/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rebound Following President’s Speech pdf
02/28/2017 California the Toughest State for First-Time Homebuyers pdf
02/23/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide Back pdf
02/22/2017 Americans Losing Ground in the Battle between Debt & Savings pdf
02/17/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Bound Higher on Inflation Pickup pdf
02/09/2017 Americans Overoptimistic About Homeownership This Year pdf
02/09/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Pull Back on Political Uncertainty pdf
02/02/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slightly Changed as Fed Holds Steady pdf
01/26/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Return to Highest Level in More than 2 Years pdf
01/24/2017 Fears Grow Over Rising Interest Rates pdf
01/19/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall for 3rd Consecutive Week pdf
01/12/2017 Nearly 60% of Americans Can’t Afford Common Unexpected Expenses pdf
01/05/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide to Start 2017 pdf
12/29/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Notch Higher for 9th Consecutive Week pdf
12/22/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit 27-Month High pdf
12/19/2016 52% of Working Americans Will Give Up Vacation Days this Year pdf
12/15/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Climb pdf
12/13/2016 Iowa is the #1 State for Drivers, California is Last pdf
12/08/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to March Higher pdf
12/08/2016 Americans Divided on Financial Impact of the Presidential Election pdf
12/01/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise pdf
11/23/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Highest Since Early January pdf
11/22/2016 Less Than 1-in-4 Americans Plan for In-Store Shopping on Black Friday pdf
11/16/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Biggest Weekly Increase Since June 2013 pdf
11/15/2016 48% of Americans Have Seen Their Pay Increase over the Past Year pdf
11/10/2016 Americans are Divided on Holiday Gift Preferences pdf
11/09/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Spike After Trump Victory pdf
11/03/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Inch Higher pdf
10/26/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Mostly Unchanged pdf
10/24/2016 Best/Worst Metro Areas for Building Wealth pdf
10/20/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Movement pdf
10/18/2016 65% of Americans are Limiting Their Monthly Spending pdf
10/12/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Jump to 4-Week High pdf
10/11/2016 41 Million Americans Have Had Identities Stolen pdf
10/06/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Notch Higher pdf
10/04/2016 ATM Fees Set New Record High; Overdraft Fees Are Down pdf
09/29/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall to Nearly 3-Month Lows pdf
09/22/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Down Slightly pdf
09/15/2016 Bankrate: Fed Fears Drive Rates to 3-Month High pdf
09/13/2016 Americans Say the Presidential Election is the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Economy pdf
09/08/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Stay the Course pdf
09/07/2016 7 in 10 Americans Plan on Working during Retirement pdf
09/01/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates in Summer Doldrums pdf
08/31/2016 Best and Worst Metro Areas for Homeowners pdf
08/25/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change pdf
08/18/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates in Holding Pattern pdf
08/16/2016 31 Million American Workers Are Saving More for Retirement pdf
08/11/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Remain at 2nd Lowest Level of 2016 pdf
08/09/2016 Hawaii Has the Highest Closing Costs, Pennsylvania Has the Lowest pdf
08/04/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slump on News of Disappointing Economic Growth pdf
08/01/2016 Nearly 9 in 10 College Graduates Say College is a Good Investment pdf
07/28/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue Post-Brexit Rebound pdf
07/21/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nose Higher pdf
07/19/2016 54 Million Americans Prefer Cash as a Long-Term Investment pdf
07/14/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rebound Slightly pdf
07/13/2016 Top Checking Account Sign-Up Bonuses Available Right Now pdf
07/07/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates at 2nd-Lowest Level on Record pdf
07/06/2016 Only 1 in 3 Millennials are Investing in the Stock Market pdf
06/30/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Plunge to 3-Year Low Following Brexit Vote pdf
06/30/2016 New Cars Unaffordable in All Major U.S. Cities pdf
06/27/2016 Arlington, Va. is Best City to Retire pdf
06/23/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rise Ahead of Brexit Vote pdf
06/21/2016 66 Million Have No Emergency Savings pdf
06/16/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Lowest in More Than 3 Years pdf
06/13/2016 Nearly 2 in 3 Millennials Do Not Have a Credit Card pdf
06/09/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Sink Lower pdf
06/02/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Drift Lower pdf
05/26/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rise for Second Consecutive Week pdf
05/23/2016 Senior Citizens’ Incomes Fall Short in 47 of 50 States pdf
05/19/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Moving Higher pdf
05/17/2016 42 Million Americans Regret Not Saving Earlier for Retirement pdf
05/12/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Drop pdf
05/05/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Retreat for First Time in 3 Weeks pdf
05/02/2016 78% Have Successfully Asked for a Higher Credit Limit pdf
04/28/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit One-Month High pdf
04/25/2016 New York Named Best City for Launching a Career pdf
04/21/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Post First Increase in a Month pdf
04/19/2016 Financial Security Hits Lowest Point in 19 Months pdf
04/14/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide for 4th Week in a Row pdf
04/07/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates at Lowest Level in Nearly Three Years pdf
04/05/2016 36 Million Homeowners Are Planning to Make Home Renovations This Year pdf
03/31/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Fall pdf
03/28/2016 Millennials Are the Best Savers pdf
03/24/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slip Lower pdf
03/17/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nudge Higher for 3rd Week in a Row pdf
03/14/2016 78% of Americans Willing to Delay Tax Refunds Due to Identity Theft Fears pdf
03/10/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Inch Higher pdf
03/08/2016 Credit Unions More Than Twice As Likely As Banks to Offer Free Checking Accounts pdf
03/03/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Slight Increase pdf
03/01/2016 Wyoming the Best State for Retirement, New York the Worst pdf
02/25/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates at 2nd-Lowest Point of 2016 pdf
02/23/2016 Only Half of Americans Have More Emergency Savings than Credit Card Debt pdf
02/18/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Post First Increase of 2016 pdf
02/11/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates At Lowest Since May 2013 pdf
02/09/2016 Finances Are Preventing 45% of Non-Homeowners from Buying Homes pdf
02/04/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall For Fifth Consecutive Week pdf
01/28/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall to a 3-Month Low pdf
01/21/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Drop Below 4 Percent pdf
01/20/2016 41% of Americans Are Concerned About Rising Interest Rates in 2016 pdf
01/14/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Pull Back pdf
01/07/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Start 2016 on the Downswing pdf
01/06/2016 63% of Americans Can’t Afford $500 Car Repair or $1,000 Emergency Room Visit pdf
12/31/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates End the Year at 5-Month High pdf
12/23/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Tick Higher pdf
12/21/2015 Nearly Four in 10 Americans Haven’t Visited Bank Branch in Six Months pdf
12/17/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nosed Higher Leading Up to Fed Hike pdf
12/15/2015 Just 22% of U.S. Workers Expect a Holiday Bonus pdf
12/10/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Tick Higher pdf
12/07/2015 CD Early Withdrawal Penalties Bite into Principal at 89% of Financial Institutions pdf
12/03/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide for Third Consecutive Week pdf
11/25/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Decline pdf
11/23/2015 Americans Prefer Cash While Holiday Shopping pdf
11/19/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slip Amid Global Terror Concerns pdf
11/17/2015 More Than 1 in 3 Americans Claim Their Top Financial Priority is Managing Bills pdf
11/12/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Are on the Rise pdf
11/09/2015 Gift Cards a Consumer Friendly Choice This Holiday Season pdf
11/05/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Jump on Talk of December Rate Hike pdf
10/29/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slip Further; Jumbo Rates at Record Low pdf
10/26/2015 Houston, TX Named Best City for Building Wealth pdf
10/22/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change pdf
10/19/2015 American Consumer Horror Story: 77% of Americans Frightened of Identity Theft pdf
10/15/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates at Nearly 6-Month Low pdf
10/13/2015 62% Holding Back Spending pdf
10/08/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Dip Below 4 Percent pdf
10/05/2015 ATM, Overdraft Fees Hit New Record Highs pdf
10/01/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change pdf
09/24/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall to 4-Month Low pdf
09/23/2015 30 Million Americans Used Retirement Savings for an Emergency Over Past Year pdf
09/17/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nose Higher pdf
09/14/2015 Bankrate Inc. names Scott Kim as CEO of its Banking Segment, pdf
09/10/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hold Steady pdf
09/09/2015 Credit Score Misconceptions Revealed pdf
09/03/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nose Higher pdf

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