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Alex Gailey

Lead Data Reporter, Personal Finance
  • 6
    Years of experience
  • Personal finance
  • Women's finances
  • Income and wealth inequality
  • Investing
  • Workplace trends
  • Debt management
  • Economy
  • B.A. in Journalism, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

As a lead data reporter at Bankrate, Alex Gailey writes about the numbers behind consumer finance and economic trends. When she’s not crunching numbers together for broader money stories, she’s covering the economy from the perspective of financially vulnerable groups, including women, people of color and low-income families. As part of her beat, she analyzes how these groups navigate financial challenges, the workplace, building weath and other emerging trends related to money. She’s covered consumer finance for five years and before that, she reported on economic development in Atlanta.

Alex has interviewed hundreds of personal finance experts, from certified financial planners and economists to career advisors and financial therapists. She believes in thorough reporting and interviewing experts to have a pulse on consumer finance trends and news. She also spends a lot of her time talking to everyday people to better understand their money experiences.

Before joining Bankrate, Alex worked for NextAdvisor in partnership with TIME Magazine, The Boston Globe, Atlanta Business Chronicle and Charlotte Business Journal. Her work has been cited by the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNBC, Bloomberg, CBS News and more. When she’s not playing with words and numbers, Alex enjoys traveling, exploring New York’s restaurant scene and playing fetch with her two dogs.

Alex wants you to know

Alex has found value-based budgeting to be an effective way to empower herself to stay on track and accomplish her financial goals. The beauty of value-based budgeting is the intentionality behind it. By intentionally aligning your saving and spending habits with what you value most, you’ll increase your chances of balancing achieving your financial goals and enjoying everyday life.

I want to meet people of different income brackets and backgrounds where they are and give them the information they need to achieve financial success.

— Alex Gailey

“There's a vast gender gap in college majors that lead to higher pay”

– Alex Gailey

Men are the overwhelming majority in lucrative college degrees

Nearly 4 in 5 of those who hold the top 20 most lucrative bachelor’s degrees are men, while only 22 percent are women, according to a Bankrate study.
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