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Ana Staples

Lead Writer, Credit Cards
  • Credit cards
  • Personal finance
  • Journalism and public relations at Moscow State Institute of International Relations
  • New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California


About the author

Ana Staples is a lead reporter at Bankrate and writes about credit cards and credit advice. She entered the credit industry contracting with Experian in 2019, where Ana wrote articles for the bureau’s blog. Since then, she has written about credit cards and other personal finance topics for numerous publications, including CNBC Select, Buy Side from WSJ and CNET.

Ana believes a credit card can be a tool that can help you improve your financial well-being—if you maintain healthy credit habits. Her mission is to empower her readers to do just that. She has developed her expertise by closely monitoring industry trends and consumer behavior, as well as connecting with experts. For her articles, she speaks with professionals at card issuers, credit bureaus and other agencies.

As a Bankrate expert, Ana has been featured on Business Insider, Bloomberg QuickTake, and CNBC, along with TV and radio stations across the country talking about credit trends, credit card products, and personal finance.

Ana wants you to know

Ana loves to say that personal finance is personal. A single solution that applies to every situation doesn’t exist. Neither does a credit card that’s perfect for everyone or a universal budget. While it’s important to know and implement the best practices, it’s also crucial to remember that every situation is unique.

“We all live in our own money worlds,” Ana says. “Women and men inhabit different financial universes. So do Gen Z and baby boomers, big city dwellers and those in rural communities, single people and married couples. Different sets of values and circumstances dictate our financial lives. Be discerning in the personal finance advice you choose to follow and how you apply it.”

I share the advice I wish someone had shared with me a long time ago. I want my reader to find my words when they're most needed… and be able to make a better-informed financial decision because of something I've written. That's what keeps me going.

— Ana Staples

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