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  • Cheapest car insurance in Maryland 2020

    Maryland is a small state, but some areas have a high cost-of-living, and geography plays a significant role in determining how much car insurance costs. Drivers living close to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan [...]

    3 min read Oct 29, 2020
    Winding highways leading in and out of Baltimore.
  • SR-22 in Florida

    If you’ve received a notice in the mail from the DMV asking you to provide an SR-22 you may wonder what that form is and why you’re being asked for it. An SR-22 request typically follows these driving [...]

    3 min read Oct 29, 2020
    An older man sits down with a female financial advisor.
  • SR-22 in Texas

    Even the best drivers make mistakes sometimes. If your mistakes caused your driver’s license to get suspended or revoked, you may be required to obtain an SR-22, also known as a Certificate of Financial [...]

    2 min read Oct 29, 2020
    A man sits with his financial advisor looking over some documents.
  • What to do with car insurance claim checks?

    If you’ve ever been involved in an accident that caused some damage to your car, you probably went through the whole process of getting the damaged assessed, repair quotes submitted and, finally, a check [...]

    4 min read Oct 29, 2020
    An Asian woman sits down on the phone after receiving her claims check.
  • Insuring a leased vehicle

    Car owners are likely already familiar with the process involved in insuring it: shop for the policy that works best, agree to the terms and collect the insurance card. However, the process of purchasing [...]

    3 min read Oct 29, 2020
    A man and woman are working out the details for insurance on a leased car with an insurance agent.

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