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Earn 10x the national APY on average with an online high-yield savings account matched specifically to you by Bankrate.*

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Time is money.
We help you save both.

  • We did the homework for you

    We vetted 300+ banks so we could recommend you the best options.

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    Tell us your banking needs and we'll match you with the banks that fit them.

  • Get a great rate regardless

    All our banks offer competitive APYs compared to the national average.*

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Grow your savings

Most people are leaving money on the table with traditional banks.See how much more you could earn after making the switch.

Estimated Earnings are based on a $20,000 deposit amount for a period of 2 years, rounded to the nearest dollar.**

Bank with confidence

Our banking partners are carefully selected to ensure competitive rates and customer-friendly practices are at the heart of their savings accounts.

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  • Market-leading APY

  • Top customer experience

  • Safety and security

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Rest assured in your return

With BankMatch℠, you'll always know where your bank's APY stands in the market. We'll monitor your rate and alert you if it no longer meets our savings standards.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, BankMatch is a 100% free serivce and always will be.
  • Yes. All participating banks have market-leading savings rates, extensive security features, no account minimums and an easy account opening process.
  • Not with our savings tool. Switching accounts to get higher savings rates is easier than ever.
  • Absolutely. Maintain the convenience of your local bank and enjoy the ease of an online savings account.

*APY, or annual percentage yield, is the yearly return on a bank account. “Earn 10x the national APY on average” claim based on a comparison between the FDIC National Deposit Rate for savings (0.37% as of 03/20/2023) and the the average APY offered by a bank participating in the BankMatch℠ program (3.96% as of 04/07/2023).

**The Estimated Earnings calculation is intended for illustrative and informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of savings. The figure is based on comparing the FDIC National Deposit Rate for savings (0.37% as of 03/20/2023) and the average APY of all banks participating in the BankMatch℠ program (3.96% as of 04/07/2023). Actual results may vary, based on various factors such as calendar year, balance, compounding frequency, and changes in APY. All participating banks in the program are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).