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What your home insurance covers

Buying and owning a home is quite an undertaking. Your home could be the largest asset you will ever own. And while you may know what your homeowners insurance policy covers in a broad sense, there may [...]

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  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Colorado Springs

    Over 60% of Colorado Springs residents own their homes, which have a median property value of $288,400. The average cost of Colorado Springs home insurance is $1,840 per year for $250,000 of dwelling coverage. [...]

    3 min read Apr 16, 2021
    Rooftops in suburban development, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Louisville

    Louisville homeowners don’t have as many perils to worry about as homeowners along the Gulf Coast might. However, Kentucky is still vulnerable to flooding and destructive tornadoes. The average cost [...]

    4 min read Apr 16, 2021
    Little Blue House
  • Cheapest homeowners insurance companies for 2021

    Buying a home is an exciting experience, and it is the biggest investment many people make in a lifetime. Homeowners insurance can help to protect that investment. Home insurance protects the physical [...]

    5 min read Apr 16, 2021
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  • Average cost of car insurance in Arkansas for 2021

    Arkansas auto insurance rates average $470 for minimum coverage and $1,914 for full coverage. If you are shopping for car insurance in Arkansas, you’ll need to get the minimum amount of insurance required [...]

    4 min read Apr 15, 2021
    Over the Downtown City Center Skyline of Little Rock Arkansas State Capitol
  • Average cost of car insurance in Delaware for 2021

    How much is car insurance in Delaware? The average cost of car insurance in Delaware is $787 for minimum coverage and $1,775 for full. However, these numbers only give an idea of costs. There are many [...]

    4 min read Apr 15, 2021
    Legislative Hall In Dover, Delaware (The Capitol Building)
  • Best car insurance for pick-up trucks

    If you are in the market for a pickup truck or own one already, you are in good company. Sales are up as much as 82% compared to this same time in 2020. Pickups are versatile, reliable and comparatively [...]

    4 min read Apr 15, 2021
    Dog on black pick up truck back view
  • Best New Hampshire car insurance companies 2021

    The average annual cost of car insurance in New Hampshire is lower than the national average of $565 per year for basic insurance and $1,674 for full coverage. Although auto insurance New Hampshire rates [...]

    5 min read Apr 15, 2021
    SUV driving down the Kancamagus Highway in Northern New Hampshire
  • Lemonade insurance review

    Home and renters insurance doesn’t need to be complicated, and it shouldn’t feel like work. Lemonade shines in this area, offering affordable, easy-to-manage homeowners and renters insurance. A relative [...]

    5 min read Apr 08, 2021
    Man and child hugging in front of laptop computer
  • How much does homeowners insurance cost?

    Acquiring insurance is an important aspect of homeownership. In the event of damage to your home, homeowners insurance is designed to prevent you from suffering financial devastation by providing reimbursement [...]

    6 min read Apr 15, 2021
    Woman cooking at stove in kitchen

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