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Steve Dashiell

Editor, Credit cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Credit card perks
  • Building credit
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Steven Dashiell is an editor for Bankrate and with expertise in rewards credit cards, financial literacy, and helping consumers build and maintain their credit. Steve has more than four years of experience in personal finance with an affinity for rewards, credit card perks and helping consumers make the most of their card choices. Steve’s writing and expertise has appeared in outlets, such as U.S. News & World Report, CBS, Fox Business, Time, Forbes and NASDAQ. When not writing about credit cards, Steve nerds out on birds, paints landscapes and life scenes, fiddles around on bass guitar and takes names in Street Fighter.

Steve wants you to know

Steve made the common mistake of accepting a credit card offer he received in the mail right after graduating high school. He promptly maxed it out on a vacation and made only minimum payments on the balance, which is a textbook example of what you shouldn’t do. This, predictably, tanked his credit score. Years later, and after much work, Steve’s credit score now rests squarely in the “excellent” tier.

“I started writing about credit cards, largely due to my horrible experience fresh out of high school. I had no clue what I was doing with my credit card and they don’t exactly come with a best practices guide. I hope to educate people in a similar position to make better decisions about their credit card use and help protect their financial health for the future.”

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It’s best to think of a credit card as a tool in your financial toolbox. You should use it with specific intent and only after you’ve established a game plan for repayment.

— Steve Dashiell

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