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Kaitlyn Tang

Editor I, Credit Cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Credit card comparisons
  • Loyalty programs
  • Credit card education
  • Bachelor of Arts in English at University of California, Los Angeles


Kaitlyn Tang is a editor who writes and edits factual, up-to-date and insightful content for its readers. She focuses on editing content that educates on how credit cards work and how to maximize rewards. She is especially invested in creating content for Generation Z and millennials because she believes it’s never too early to start building credit in preparation for one’s financial goals.

Prior to, Kaitlyn worked as a copywriter for an automotive software company for two years. Though she enjoyed collaborating with a marketing team, she realized that she preferred creating long-form content that helps people solve everyday pain points. Coupled with a keen interest in personal finance, an opportunity at seemed like the perfect role for Kaitlyn.

When not working, Kaitlyn enjoys watching films and shows and is an avid reader. You can always find her at her local movie theater watching the latest franchise or indie film.

Kaitlyn wants you to know

My first credit card was a valuable experience. More than anything, I used it to learn about how billing cycles work, when to pay my credit card bills every month, how to read a credit card statement and so on. I didn’t understand anything about credit card rewards at the time, so I put all my purchases on that card, without thinking about what categories the card could earn bonus rewards in. Most importantly, I learned that I could and should dispute unauthorized transactions whenever I came across them.

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