Kacie Goff

Kacie Goff

Kacie Goff is a personal finance and insurance writer with over five years of experience covering personal and commercial coverage options. She's also dedicated to besting her brother, a financial advisor, with insider insight into the personal finance industry and spends hours researching the latest rates and regulations.

Kacie founded Jot Content, a full-service content agency, in 2018. Through Jot, she contributes web content, blogs, case studies, press releases and more to brands in the finance, insurance, health and wellness, continuing education, healthcare and marketing industries.

She lives in Ventura, CA, with her husband and dingo-lookalike dog, Babou. When she’s not writing, you can find Kacie practicing yoga, working in her garden or scoping out a new happy hour. Learn more at jotcontent.com.

Recent Articles By Kacie Goff

  • Homeowners Insurance

    Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance

    When you buy a new home, you want to do everything you can to protect it. Fortunately, you have options to safeguard your property. But which protections are right for you? To help you decide, we’re [...]

    4 MIN READ Aug. 17, 2020
    A black lady sits in her living room working on her laptop.
  • Car Insurance

    Collision Insurance

    Most states only require liability insurance to protect other people against any damages you might cause behind the wheel. But that doesn’t mean liability coverage is the only protection you need. Collision [...]

    4 MIN READ Jun. 18, 2020
    A car being towed
  • Car Insurance

    Liability car insurance explained

    If you’re at fault in a car accident, the other parties involved can file a lawsuit against you to recover the costs associated with their injuries and damage to their property. Without liability insurance, [...]

    7 MIN READ Aug. 5, 2020
    mom driving a car with her son in the backseat
  • Insurance

    The Benefits of Bundling Your Home and Auto Insurance

    When it comes to car and home insurance, bundling your insurance — buying your auto and home insurance from the same insurance provider — can save you money. Most insurance providers offer multi-policy [...]

    5 MIN READ Jun. 29, 2020
    car parked in front of home
  • Car Insurance

    Medical Payments Coverage

    Medical payments coverage in car insurance isn’t always redundant to health insurance.

    5 MIN READ Oct. 22, 2020
    An African American Adviser Meets with A Senior Client
  • Homeowners Insurance

    Does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair?

    The thought of foundation problems fills most homeowners with dread. Your home — and the comfortable life you’ve built in it — rely on a sturdy foundation. A foundation problem always feels daunting, [...]

    5 MIN READ Jun. 28, 2020
    A ceiling with water damage stains