Kacie Goff


Kacie Goff is a personal finance and insurance writer with over five years of experience covering personal and commercial coverage options. She's also dedicated to besting her brother, a financial advisor, with insider insight into the personal finance industry and spends hours researching the latest rates and regulations.

Kacie founded Jot Content, a full-service content agency, in 2018. Through Jot, she contributes web content, blogs, case studies, press releases and more to brands in the finance, insurance, health and wellness, continuing education, healthcare and marketing industries.

She lives in Ventura, CA, with her husband and dingo-lookalike dog, Babou. When she’s not writing, you can find Kacie practicing yoga, working in her garden or scoping out a new happy hour.

Kacie's Latest Articles

  • Car insurance for a Jaguar

    Driving a Jaguar is a luxury — and that means paying luxury prices, not just for the vehicle itself, but also for its insurance. While the average driver in America pays $1,674 for broad coverage for [...]

    5 min read Jun 04, 2021
    a black jaguar sports car hood showing a grill and headlight
  • Car insurance for an Alfa Romeo

    Italy has spent centuries cementing its place as a provider of luxury. From Versace and Gucci to the country’s leather and shoes, Italy knows top-of-the-line. But perhaps its biggest luxury export — [...]

    2 min read Jun 04, 2021
    Alfa Romeo 159 at the Lake
  • Car insurance for a Cadillac

    Buying or leasing a Cadillac means driving around in something you probably want to protect. But even if you could care less about insurance coverage to safeguard your vehicle, the odds are high that your [...]

    5 min read Jun 04, 2021
    Vintage Car on the Streets of San Francisco
  • Car insurance for a Nissan GT-R

    For more than a decade, the Nissan GT-R has been wowing drivers, both in terms of its performance and the cost of its insurance coverage. While the average driver across the nation pays $1,674 for their [...]

    5 min read May 27, 2021
    Nissan GT-R
  • Car insurance for Mini Coopers

    Since the vast majority of states require auto insurance, you will need to buy a policy when you buy or lease a car, including any MINI Cooper or other MINI. But the vehicle you choose to buy will have [...]

    4 min read May 26, 2021
    Dog sitting in back of Mini Cooper
  • Does homeowners insurance cover jewelry?

    When you bought home insurance, you did so to protect your finances should something happen to your most valuable assets. For starters, of course, the policy helps repair or rebuild your house, which is [...]

    4 min read May 25, 2021
    Woman's silver jewellery on a desk next to a computer
  • Flood insurance facts

    Flooding is one of the most common — and most expensive — disasters. At its worst, flooding can destroy entire communities. Even when it only affects a single home, the impact can be financially devastating [...]

    6 min read May 24, 2021
    Black insurance adjuster examining flooding damage
  • Auto and renters insurance

    If you rent, you might not think you need insurance for your place. After all, your landlord has coverage for the building, right? The thing is: without a renters insurance policy in place, all of your [...]

    5 min read May 24, 2021
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