Tim Maxwell

About the author

“I aspire to help people improve their financial wellbeing and literacy by writing factual content that’s accessible and easy to understand.” – Tim Maxwell


Personal finance, credit cards, loans


Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication, Fresno State University


  • Former broadcast journalist
  • Current contributor to Bankrate, LendingTree, Fox Business, MagnifyMoney and The Balance
  • Founder of Incomist, a personal finance site that teaches debt reduction through multiple sources of income


Early in his career, Tim worked in broadcast news as a “one-person band.” He was often responsible for capturing news events and interviewing subjects and witnesses on camera, before writing and editing the package for broadcast. He later worked for 20th Century Fox and NBC/Universal in various digital media capacities.

Tim is now a freelance personal finance writer and blogger with a particular focus on credit cards and consumer lending. In 2002, he stumbled upon a copy of "The Millionaire Next Door," by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, which ignited a passion for learning and sharing fact-based money principles. Tim has a passion for demystifying personal finance and helping people live their best lives.


Tim lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where he enjoys cycling, golfing and creating memories with his family. He also finds immense joy in cashing in his hard-earned credit card rewards. You can connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

Tim's Latest Articles

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