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Kelly Dilworth

Contributor, Personal Finance
  • Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College


Kelly Dilworth is a freelance writer, reporter, editor and illustrator, specializing in the intersection between money and life. She’s covered personal finance and consumer banking for more than a decade and has written about everything from monetary policy to consumer credit scoring, lifestyle and psychology. She’s proud that her articles about big data and consumer underwriting have also been cited in a number of academic journals and law reviews, including the Southern California Law Review, the Boston College Journal of Law and Social Justice, the North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology and the Arizona State Law Journal

In 2020, Kelly also began studying graphic design and visual communication and now uses digital illustration and design as a complement to select stories. Kelly’s favorite stories to work on, regardless of format, help shed light on issues that directly affect people’s well-being and budgets and provide readers with practical, expert-driven advice.

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Some of the most valuable things I’ve gained from my years as a reporter include learning how much I can save just by researching what’s available — and understanding what my consumer rights are so I can protect myself from unscrupulous lenders.

— Kelly Dilworth

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