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Elaine Pofeldt

Small Business Expert and Author of "Your Business Credit" Column


Elaine Pofeldt, author of the Your Business Credit column, is an independent journalist who specializes in small business, entrepreneurship and careers.

She is the author of “The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business,” a look at how entrepreneurs are hitting seven-figure revenue in businesses where they are the only employees. Elaine is also writing a new book titled, “Tiny Business, Big Money” for W.W. Norton & Co.

Her work has appeared in Fortune, Money, CNBC, Forbes, Crain’s New York Business and many other business publications, and she has contributed to the Economist Intelligence Unit. She is also a ghostwriter.

As someone who has run her own business since 2007, Elaine is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs tackle the finance side of their endeavors.

As a senior editor at Fortune Small Business, where she worked for eight years, Elaine was twice nominated for the National Magazine Award for her features and ran the magazine’s annual business plan competition. She lives in in New Jersey with her husband and their four children, and in her free time enjoys taekwondo, yoga and running.

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