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“Sifting through reward program, sign-up bonus or card feature terms can feel overwhelming for even credit card veterans. As a Bankrate writer, I’ve seen how translating fine print into actionable advice can help cardholders evaluate their most valuable options and build a stronger financial future.” - Garrett Yarbrough


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East Carolina University: English BA, History BA, Certification in Business and Technical Communication, Creative Writing minor


  • Finance and credit card coverage have been regularly featured on, and
  • Specializes in rewards cards, cash back and credit scores
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Bankrate expert Garrett Yarbrough strives to make navigating credit cards and credit building smooth sailing for his readers. He specializes in cash back, credit scores and card offers, delivering valuable next steps toward personal financial growth. His previous agency and freelance work ranged across a variety of topics, including personal finance and technology. He then joined, where his credit card, credit monitoring and identity theft analysis were regularly featured. Most recently, he has been a staff writer on the and teams, developing product reviews and comprehensive credit card guides.


Garrett Yarbrough is a graduate of East Carolina University with bachelor’s degrees in English and History, including a minor in Creative Writing with a specialization in Business and Technical Communication.


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