Cynthia Widmayer


Cynthia Widmayer has over two years of experience as an insurance and personal finance writer. She covers home, car and life insurance products for Bankrate, the Simple Dollar, and, among others.

Cynthia's Latest Articles

  • Best cheap car insurance in Rochester for 2021

    Traffic in Rochester is lighter than many other parts of New York, making the city a low-risk zone for car insurance companies. On average, motorists in Rochester pay $729 for minimum and $1,568 for full [...]

    5 min read Jun 14, 2021
    Night scene at Rochester
  • Average cost of car insurance in Oklahoma for 2021

    The midwestern state of Oklahoma handles the load of a staggering 2.5 million drivers on average, and the Sooner State also experiences severe weather every year, with heavy snow and sleet and storms making [...]

    4 min read Jun 14, 2021
    Reno Ave, Bricktown, at sunrise.
  • Liberty Mutual RightTrack review

    Practicing safe driving skills when you are on the road is important for a number of reasons, but it can also help you save money on your car insurance. Most auto insurance companies offer safe driver [...]

    5 min read Jun 03, 2021
    man and woman driving in car on rainy day
  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Detroit

    As the largest city in Michigan, Detroit is home to over 670,031 people, of which 47.2 percent own their homes. Detroit’s population has been on a decline for the last several years, making it one of [...]

    5 min read Jun 01, 2021
    Inner city Detroit
  • Car insurance for Hyundai

    In most states in the U.S. it is legally mandatory for all vehicles on the road to have sufficient insurance coverage. Besides your location, age and driving history, the make and model of your car can [...]

    4 min read May 26, 2021
    Sleep till the night
  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in San Francisco

    Owning a house in San Francisco is not a mean feat. Only 38% of the 874,961 people in the Golden City reside in their own houses, far lower than the national average of 64%. By 2030, San Francisco’s [...]

    5 min read May 20, 2021
    Painted Ladies Victorian houses and San Francisco skyline, California, USA
  • Finding car insurance in Tennessee after a DUI

    Driving under the influence can have a number of severe consequences, including injury and death. Because of the severity of potential outcomes driving impared, car insurance rates will also go up. The [...]

    4 min read May 19, 2021
    Illuminated police car lights and sirens
  • Finding car insurance in Idaho after a DUI

    As of 2019, Idaho had 602,170 registered automobiles, or 33.7% per capita. That same year, it witnessed a 27% rise in DUI fatalities, ranking as the 11th worst state for alcohol-impaired driving. For those [...]

    4 min read May 17, 2021
    Nightime Police Traffic Stop
  • Clearcover insurance review 2021

    Clearcover Insurance is an AI-powered, tech-forward company that sells policies at a third of the regular cost. The Chicago-based company was founded only in 2016 but has been making waves with its focus [...]

    1 min read May 17, 2021
    Family enjoying the ride to summer beach by car