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Christopher Murray

  • Investing
  • Insurance
  • Saving & budgeting
  • LGBTQ+ finance
  • Beginner finance
  • Bachelors in English Literature; Gender Studies from Smith College


  • Six years of experience as a personal finance writer
  • Passionate about the intersection of finance and LGBTQ+ issues
  • Former Senior Editor at Money Under 30


Christopher Murray is a personal finance writer for a number of reputable sites including Bankrate. Six years ago, Christopher started as the single staff writer for a budding finance blog, He worked his way all the way up to Senior Editor. Ultimately, the freedom that freelance writing brings was calling and he decided to go back to writing full-time.

While he considers himself a generalist when it comes to the topics he covers, his favorites are LGBTQ+ finance, sustainability, and beginner investing.


Years ago, I left college wanting to do one thing: use my writing ability to actually help people. After many, many job applications, I stumbled upon an ad for a personal finance staff writer. Honestly, writing in the personal finance niche hadn’t ever crossed my mind, but I dove in head first. I was learning how much I didn’t know about my own money. My career in the personal finance world has helped me tackle many financial milestones, and I can only hope that my work does the same for someone else.

— Christopher Murray

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