Lisa Melillo

Lisa Melillo

Lisa Melillo is a freelance writer and entrepreneur with a background in personal finance, insurance, and international business. In addition to contributing to Bankrate, she has appeared in Money and and frequently ghostwrites for other entrepreneurs.

Lisa's career has taken her around the globe; she has lived in four countries, speaks three languages, and holds two international degrees, including a Master's in International Business from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She currently spends most of her time in Connecticut, where she lives with her husband and two dogs.

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    The Best Utah Home Insurance Companies

    As home prices in Utah rise rapidly, the value of a home insurance policy to protect your investment is at an all-time high. According to the U.S. Census, 7 in 10 Utah residents own their home, a 10 percent [...]

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    Nationwide SmartRide Review

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    Homeowners Insurance and Coronavirus

    If your income has been affected by COVID-19, you may be searching for ways to offset the strain of household expenses, including your home insurance payment. Around one-third of Americans couldn’t make [...]

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    Difference Between a Citation and a Speeding Ticket

    If you were pulled over for driving over the limit, you probably received a citation for a speeding violation. What’s a citation vs. ticket? In most cases, they’re the same. A ticket or a citation [...]

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    Best car insurance in New York 2020

    New Yorkers love their cars. Even in New York City, where car ownership has been historically low, recent developments are causing a spike in people ditching public transportation to get behind the wheel. [...]

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    Eco-friendly home improvements that make a difference

    The promise of green energy home improvements is long-term energy savings in exchange for one up-front cost. These eco home improvement renovations are designed to lower your carbon footprint and save [...]

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    Best Homeowners Insurance in Illinois

    If you’re among the two thirds of Illinois residents who own their homes, chances are you need an Illinois homeowners insurance policy. While home insurance isn’t required by law in Illinois, most [...]

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