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Ruben Caginalp

Former associate writer, Home Lending
  • First-time homebuying
  • Mortgages
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Housing market
  • Real estate
  • Bachelor of Arts, Fordham University

Ruben Çağınalp is a former associate writer on Bankrate’s Home Lending team. A graduate of Fordham University, he began his professional career with Bankrate in January 2022, where he now covers the housing market, real estate and mortgages. He specializes in exploring topics that empower consumers to build wealth and stability, like preparing to apply for a mortgage and comparing rate offers.

As a college student, Ruben interned as an LGBTQ+ civil rights paralegal, completed three university research fellowships and published his work in undergraduate research journals.

When he’s not working, Ruben enjoys long walks, reading books and traveling.

Ruben wants you to know

Homeownership is a more attainable goal than you think. There are a range of mortgages available to borrowers of varying incomes and financial means, including zero-down loans. You should also find out if you qualify for first-time homebuyer programs. Offered by city, state and federal government agencies as well as nonprofits, these initiatives could offer you thousands in gift aid or forgivable loans towards the purchase of your first home. You can also save big in the long run if you shop around and compare rate offers from at least three different lenders.

Ruben Çağınalp’s recommended readings

“If you want to leave renting behind, take advantage of all available resources to get the best possible deal on a home.”

— Ruben Caginalp

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