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Rae Hartley Beck

Contributing writer


  • Writer and editor with over eight years of experience
  • Featured in MoneyWise and Investopedia


Rae Hartley Beck is a writer and editor with over eight years of experience in personal finance. Her work has most recently appeared in Bankrate, MoneyWise and Investopedia. Rae specializes in credit card rewards, investing, real estate, home improvement, lending and financial advice for millennials, Gen Z, Gen Alpha and their parents.

Rae went from having her family home foreclosed on when she was in high school to becoming a homeowner at age 24. Her experience has fueled a passion for volunteering with a range of nonprofits, such as the Girl Scouts of America, teaching financial literacy to young people. When not writing, Rae can be found backpacking in the desert, reading over 200 books annually and fostering teenagers to help them transition into adulthood.

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