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Kay Irvin

  • Insurance


  • Featured in My Top Insurance Blogs
  • Former licensed insurance agent of 10 years


Kay Irvin is a former contributor to Bankrate. Irvin has writing experience for insurance domains such as Bankrate and My Top Insurance Blogs. She has written about auto and life insurance and was a licensed insurance agent for 10 years.

Kay's latest articles

  • USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Senior woman reading letter

    AAA vs State Farm

    Compare AAA vs State Farm to find the best insurance company for your needs.

    6 min read Apr 08, 2022
  • Woman with bicycle and smartphone in the city, Berlin, Germany

    Road safety for cyclists

    The pandemic unarguably changed the way most of us live our lives for the better part of 2020, from practicing social distancing to wearing masks and frequently washing our hands to prevent the spread [...]

    7 min read May 25, 2021
  • Woman pulled over by police

    Penalties for driving without insurance in Utah

    Insurance is a requirement in most states. Your auto insurance can help you pay for the damages you cause in an auto accident, potentially saving you from financial devastation. However, not everyone has [...]

    3 min read Apr 23, 2021
  • African woman in car adjusting mirror

    Broad form car insurance

    When searching for auto insurance, it is important to assess what facets of a policy matter to you. Some shoppers focus solely on finding affordable rates, while others value having more coverage in the [...]

    4 min read Apr 02, 2021