Elizabeth Rivelli

Insurance Writer

Elizabeth has two years of experience writing for insurance domains such as Bankrate.com, The Simple Dollar, Coverage.com and NextAdvisor, among others. In addition to auto insurance, Elizabeth regularly writes about home insurance, renters insurance and life insurance. She also covers industry trends and general insurance education.

Recent Articles By Elizabeth Rivelli

  • Homeowners Insurance

    High-value home insurance

    When you buy homeowners insurance, your policy includes a coverage maximum, which is the most amount of money the insurance company will pay you in the event of a covered loss. If your home is worth over [...]

    4 MIN READ Apr. 16, 2021
    Smiling businesswoman in discussion with clients at office workstation
  • Homeowners Insurance

    Homeowners insurance for military and veterans

    There are dozens of homeowners insurance companies on the market, but if you are an active duty military service member or veteran, there are some specific providers that might be worth considering. Military [...]

    4 MIN READ Apr. 16, 2021
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  • Car Insurance

    Best cheap car insurance in Miami for 2021

    Florida is one of the most expensive states for car insurance. The average driver pays $3,314 for full coverage insurance and $1,544 for minimum coverage insurance annually in Miami. Car insurance is notoriously [...]

    5 MIN READ Apr. 15, 2021
    Streets of Miami with palm trees lining the sidewalks and neon lights on the storefronts.
  • Car Insurance

    SafeAuto Insurance 2021

    Nearly all states require vehicle owners to have car insurance. SafeAuto Insurance is a newcomer to the auto insurance world, founded in 1993 in Columbus, Ohio. SafeAuto specializes in cheap minimum liability [...]

    5 MIN READ Apr. 14, 2021
    car with the trunk open, filled with luggage, and a dog walking by
  • Car Insurance

    Cheapest car insurance in Oregon for 2021

    Car insurance in Oregon is a legal requirement for the 2,808,548 licensed drivers who own a registered vehicle in the state. The average driver pays $1,346 for a full coverage policy and $610 for a minimum [...]

    5 MIN READ Apr. 14, 2021
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  • Car Insurance

    Best car insurance for minivans

    If you own a registered vehicle, most states will require you to carry a certain amount of car insurance. Not only is car insurance legally required, but it also provides important protection for you, [...]

    6 MIN READ Apr. 13, 2021
    Children in soccer outfits getting into car
  • Homeowners Insurance

    Best homeowners insurance in New Mexico 2021

    New Mexico has a climate with few extreme weather risks, but having homeowners insurance is still important for many people. The average cost of homeowners insurance in New Mexico is $1,545 per year for [...]

    4 MIN READ Apr. 12, 2021
    Suburban house in New Mexico
  • Car Insurance

    Best car insurance for sedans

    Car insurance is essential for nearly every vehicle owner, not to mention it is a legal requirement in every state except New Hampshire and Virginia. Car insurance protects your liabilities as a driver [...]

    6 MIN READ Apr. 8, 2021
    Car driving up road in mountains
  • Car Insurance

    Guide to low-income car insurance

    Car insurance is legally required in most states, but it’s a major financial strain for many Americans. The annual cost of car insurance in the United States is $563 per year for minimum coverage and [...]

    5 MIN READ Apr. 8, 2021
    Younger gentleman driving a car; the perspective is from outside the car looking in at him through the windshield.
  • Homeowners Insurance

    Best homeowners insurance in North Dakota for 2021

    In North Dakota, roughly 62.5% of residents own their homes, which is slightly lower than the national average homeownership rate of 63.9%. The average cost of home insurance in North Dakota for $250,000 [...]

    6 MIN READ Apr. 7, 2021
    North Dakota landmark