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Elizabeth Rivelli

  • Insurance


  • Covers topics like home, renters and life insurance
  • Featured in The Simple Dollar, and NextAdvisor, among others


Elizabeth Rivelli is a contributing insurance writer for Bankrate and has years of experience writing for insurance domains such as The Simple Dollar, and NextAdvisor, among others. In addition to auto insurance, Elizabeth regularly writes about home insurance, renters insurance and life insurance. She also covers industry trends and general insurance education.

Elizabeth's latest articles

  • Which insurance companies don't check credit score?

    Car insurance rates are personalized for every individual based on a variety of factors that indicate how risky the driver is to insure. If you are wondering, “Does credit score affect car insurance,” the answer is yes. When you apply for coverage, your credit score is one of the common factors looked at before rates are determined in most states.

    4 min read May 26, 2023
  • Best homeowners insurance in Connecticut for 2023

    In Connecticut, the rate of homeownership is slightly higher than the United States average. Being a homeowner comes with added responsibilities, like purchasing homeowners insurance to protect your property from damage and theft.

    11 min read May 24, 2023
  • A home half-submerged in flood water with a design element overlayed on it.

    Virginia flood insurance

    Find out if you need flood insurance in Virigina and how much it might cost.

    6 min read May 24, 2023
  • Driver enjoying their drive and staring off in the distance.

    Changing gender on your driver’s license

    According to a 2022 survey from Pew Research, more than 5% of adults under age 30 identify as transgender or non-binary. That equates to roughly 1.6% of the American population between the ages of 30-49. [...]

    13 min read May 19, 2023
  • Guide to low-income car insurance

    Although the price of car insurance varies significantly by state, it’s not cheap. Low-income individuals who can’t afford car insurance are more likely to forego insurance coverage altogether, which can land them in serious trouble.

    6 min read May 18, 2023