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Hanna Horvath, CFP

Senior Editor, Personal Finance
  • Personal finance
  • Financial planning
  • Credit cards
  • Consumer banking
  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Syracuse University
  • Financial Planning (CFP) Certification


Hanna Horvath is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and editor with over five years’ experience helping make complex financial topics engaging and easy to understand. She is currently the senior editor of content partnerships at Bankrate.

After graduating college, Hanna discovered how little she knew about personal finance – and how broken the modern financial education system was. From there, she made it her personal mission to help everyone – especially those in marginalized groups – better understand their personal finances and make smarter decisions with their money.

Hanna is also a copywriter for fintech brands across the industry, helping them establish their content messaging and drive audience engagement. In addition to Bankrate, her journalistic work has appeared in Policygenius, Business Insider, Lemonade, NBC News, and Inc Magazine.

Hanna holds a journalism degree from Syracuse University and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. When she's not writing about money, she’s writing creative nonfiction, training for a marathon or trying out a new recipe. You can learn more about Hanna and her work at her personal website.

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Changing your mindset around money can completely change the way you approach and handle money. It can drive smarter financial decisions and help you reach your goals. While money definitely doesn't buy happiness, it can mean freedom: The freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it.

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The more you think about money, talk about money and work with your money, the more empowered you’ll be to make smarter financial decisions.

— Hanna Horvath, CFP

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