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Jacqueline DeMarco

  • Personal finance
  • Credit cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Travel credit cards
  • Literary Journalism and Digital Arts degrees, the University of California Irvine (UCI)


Jacqueline DeMarco is a contributor to Bankrate covering personal finance, including credit cards, rewards credit cards and travel credit cards. In addition to Bankrate, she has contributed to LendingTree (including Student Loan Hero and ValuePenguin), Credit Karma, Fundera, Chime, MagnifyMoney, SoFi and Northwestern Mutual.

During college, DeMarco interned at a retirement plan advisory firm and was tasked with creating a presentation on the importance of financial wellness. During her research into how money can affect our health, relationships and career, she realized just how important financial education is.

“People like to say money doesn’t matter, but that’s not true. When we are in control of our finances and have good financial health, every area of our lives benefits. From our health, to our careers, to our relationships, being financially well can improve all areas of our life. The first step towards financial wellness is knowledge and I hope that my work provides people with the tools they need to make the right financial decisions for them.”

— Jacqueline DeMarco

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