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Rick Hoel

  • Insurance


  • Insurance contributor at Bankrate
  • Featured in and
  • General Counsel and Director of Risk Management sitting on the Board of Power Stow Americas Inc.


Rick Hoel is an international business attorney and legal and insurance writer for Bankrate as well as and Over the last several years, he has covered topics dealing with personal and commercial insurance and technology and the law. Rick is General Counsel and Director of Risk Management and sits on the Board of Power Stow Americas Inc., a subsidiary of Power Stow A/S in Denmark, the world leader in the supply of tracked conveyor systems to the airline industry.

Rick's latest articles

  • Best life insurance for those with high blood pressure

    Significant risks are associated with high blood pressure, including cardiovascular diseases, which can lead to heart attacks and stroke. In severe cases of high blood pressure, some life insurers may deny coverage but this is typically not the norm. With research and a willingness to comparison shop, those with high blood pressure may be able to find a form of life insurance coverage that provides the financial protections you or your dependents need.

    6 min read Mar 02, 2023
  • Best life insurance for recovering alcoholics

    Insurers determine the risks associated with each applicant’s life expectancy. Those with serious health problems are a higher risk. Alcoholics present a significant risk in insurers’ eyes because a host of serious illnesses are linked to alcoholism. Recovering alcoholics may want to be aware of this stark reality in searching for life insurance.

    5 min read Feb 02, 2023