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Jenna Flannigan

Managing Editor, Credit Cards
  • Personal finance
  • Credit cards
  • Financial literacy
  • Public policy
  • BA, Western University
  • JD, University of Victoria


Jenna Flannigan is a managing editor at Bankrate where she leads a team dedicated to providing readers with the most up-to-date guidance on building and managing credit, credit card products and rewards programs. Her editorial work has covered a broad range of topics, from travel rewards to budgeting to debt management. She believes that financial literacy is a vital skill set that empowers readers to plan for the future and achieve their goals.

Jenna joined Bankrate with more than a decade of professional experience in digital media and journalism. She is also a former attorney with public policy experience. Prior to joining Bankrate, Jenna was a managing editor at Healthline Media. Jenna cares deeply about creating editorial content that helps people better navigate their daily lives, whether they're seeking information about finance, health or other subjects that are central to personal well-being.

Jenna wants you to know

Building good credit takes time, effort and patience. For people experiencing financial hardship, it can be a real challenge. Always do as much research as you can before choosing a credit card or other financial product to ensure you understand the possible fees, interest charges and any other costs. Not all products are created equal. If you put in the work to research your options, evaluate costs, assess rewards and consider your priorities, you're more likely to choose a product that will provide long-term benefit.

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