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Ashley Kimler


Ashley Kimler is a seasoned personal finance and business credit writer, leveraging over a decade of experience to empower consumers and entrepreneurs alike. With a strong focus on banking, credit, and fintech, Ashley's expertise shines through her insightful and practical advice. She holds a degree in New Media Communications with a minor in Psychology that fuels a holistic approach to understanding financial behaviors and trends.

Ashley's financial literacy journey began with her own triumph over credit card debt, a feat she accomplished by rebuilding her credit from a score as low as 350 to purchasing a home in 2016. Her hands-on experience, coupled with her background as a former small business co-founder and copywriting agency owner, uniquely positions her to connect with readers from various walks of life.

Her passion for helping others make informed decisions extends beyond her writing, as she actively engages with business owners and decision-makers seeking fintech solutions.

Whether she's sharing insights on personal finance strategies or navigating the complexities of business credit, Ashley's mission remains the same: to empower her audience with the knowledge they need to thrive financially.

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