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Joey Robinson

Contributor, Credit Cards
  • Credit cards
  • Balance transfer credit cards
  • Bachelor's degree concentrated in Finance, James Madison University


Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree concentrated in finance, Joey worked at a “Big Four” (Ernst & Young) accounting firm before exploring the world of credit cards. After learning proper professional and financial practices through federal audits, he moved on to his second job, where he was introduced to Bankrate as a data analyst.

As time passed, his interests drifted away from data analysis and into the communication of credit card essentials. Over the past two years, he’s shared his expertise and has brought understanding to complex topics as a writer and editor for sites like Bankrate, and NextAdvisor. He is a credit cards contributor for Bankrate and his financial tips, advice on avoiding common credit card fees and top balance transfer tactics have been featured on MSN Money and other publications.

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Growing up in the DC Metropolitan area, I was interested in the world of finance at a young age. As I’ve grown older and made more connections, it’s become apparent that the need-to-knows of personal finance aren’t taught widely enough. I want to help not only my peers, but everyone in need of financial aid by spreading the basics of saving, budgeting and understanding credit cards as a route to becoming knowledgeable on how to handle your money.

— Joey Robinson

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