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Aylea Wilkins

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Fact checking
  • Bachelor’s degree in European studies and a minor in editing, Brigham Young University

Aylea Wilkins is an editor specializing in personal and home equity loans. She has previously worked for Bankrate editing content about auto, home and life insurance. She has been editing professionally for nearly a decade in a variety of fields with a primary focus on helping people make financial and purchasing decisions with confidence by providing clear and unbiased information.

Aylea received a bachelor's degree in European studies and a minor in editing in 2016 from Brigham Young University. She is passionate about grammar, language and debates about word usage and the Oxford comma.

In her spare time, she loves organizing and writing about Disney parks.

Good financial decisions start with a solid understanding of the options.

— Aylea Wilkins

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