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Liz Bingler

  • B.A. in English Literature and Writing (Fiction concentration), University of Pittsburgh


  • 5+ years of experience writing and editing content for 45 clients in more than 20 industries before joining Bankrate


Liz Bingler is an Associate Editor for Bankrate Credit Cards, where she focuses on product news and reviews. As an editor (and occasional writer), her goal is to produce clear and reliable content that will help people to make informed financial decisions.

Before joining the and Bankrate team in 2021, Liz worked as a freelance account/content manager, writer and editor for Prose Media, a content marketing agency based in New York. During her five-plus years at Prose, she wrote and edited content for 45 Prose clients in more than 20 industries, including clients in the financial services and fintech industries.

Outside of work, Liz loves long road trips and old movies, and she never leaves her home without a book – or three.

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