Joshua Cox-Steib

Joshua Cox-Steib

Joshua Cox-Steib has two years of experience in writing for insurance domains such as,,,, and more. His work has also been featured on such sites as and His insurance writing career has spanned across multiple product lines, with a primary focus on auto insurance, life insurance, and home insurance.

Recent Articles By Joshua Cox-Steib

  • Car Insurance

    Finding car insurance in Arkansas after a DUI

    If you have ever had a DUI, you have likely encountered some of the car insurance difficulties it can create. In Arkansas, a DUI conviction increases the cost of car insurance by 63% on average. At the [...]

    4 MIN READ May. 7, 2021
    Night time police traffic stop
  • Homeowners Insurance

    Best cheap homeowners insurance in Garland

    Insurance premiums may be steep at times, but homeowners insurance policies can often be a windfall when things go wrong. And for homeowners with mortgages, you may even be required to maintain a certain [...]

    6 MIN READ May. 6, 2021
    Downtown Garland
  • Car Insurance

    Finding car insurance in South Carolina after a DUI

    Getting a DUI in South Carolina can cause your auto insurance premiums to increase by an average of $1,054 per year. While this is a steep increase, it is significantly lower than the national average [...]

    4 MIN READ May. 5, 2021
    Car in pursuit
  • Homeowners Insurance

    Best cheap homeowners insurance in Irving

    Homeowners insurance can be a financial lifesaver when things go wrong. In Irving, Texas, the average cost of homeowners insurance is $2,247 per year for $250,000 of dwelling coverage. This is higher than [...]

    5 MIN READ May. 3, 2021
    Check your mailbox
  • Car Insurance

    What is non-standard auto insurance?

    Driving without auto insurance can lead to a whole host of financial and legal troubles. Most states in the U.S. have minimum auto insurance laws which require that all drivers, or vehicles, meet at least [...]

    3 MIN READ Apr. 8, 2021
    Confused young man working at home
  • Car Insurance

    Best car insurance for bad credit

    Car insurance can be expensive, even with safe driving and other available discounts. For those struggling with bad credit, the price of car insurance can climb even higher. According to insurance expert [...]

    6 MIN READ Mar. 31, 2021
    Two young ladies laughing while sitting in the car together.
  • Car Insurance

    Best cheap car insurance in Newark

    As drivers in Newark know, New Jersey car insurance can be expensive. The average cost of auto insurance in Newark, per year, is $1,254 for minimum coverage and $2,624 for full. That’s quite a bit above [...]

    5 MIN READ Mar. 31, 2021
    Aerial view of Newark, New Jersey
  • Insurance

    Life insurance for those with sleep apnea

    If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, finding the right life insurance policy can be complicated. Life insurance companies take many factors into account when determining rates, including age, medical [...]

    4 MIN READ Mar. 30, 2021
    I just need to rest
  • Car Insurance

    Best cheap car insurance in Tyler

    Car insurance costs in Tyler, Texas, can vary significantly. When the price ranges are so big, it pays to do your research. In Tyler, the average minimum auto liability is $547 per year, while the average [...]

    5 MIN READ Mar. 24, 2021
    Smith County Courthouse
  • Car Insurance

    Best cheap car insurance in Little Rock

    For drivers in Little Rock, Arkansas, knowing who offers the best cheap car insurance can save you money. Car insurance rates in Little Rock average around $617 annually for minimum coverage and $2,029 [...]

    5 MIN READ Mar. 12, 2021
    Little Rock skyline at dusk