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Brendan Dyer

Associate Editor, Credit Cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Travel credit cards
  • Business credit cards
  • Credit card comparisons
  • Personal finance
  • BA in Professional Writing (Western Connecticut State University)
  • MFA in Journalism (Western Connecticut State University)


Brendan Dyer is a Bankrate editor who writes and edits content for rewards, travel, cash back and business credit cards. He’s passionate about informing readers about the most innovative ways to use their credit cards and how synergistic multiple cards can be in the right hands.

Brendan started at Bankrate in October of 2021 and has worked on a wide variety of reviews and projects with the goal of simplifying the card-shopping process for readers. He wrote copy for Bankrate’s Spender Type tool and conducted research and wrote content for Bankrate’s points and miles valuations, two pages that connect readers with information to help them make smart credit card decisions.

To fill the space between writing and editing content for Bankrate, Brendan moonlights as a fiction author and an adjunct writing professor teaching first-year composition.

Brendan wants you to know

Brendan holds three credit cards and only paid an annual fee once he got the American Express Gold Card. Although the card’s $250 annual fee can be staggering for most cardholders, Brendan uses it for all of his U.S. supermarket and restaurant purchases so he can build a rewards balance that will fund his international travel. Plus, the card’s $240 worth of monthly Uber and dining credits help it nearly pay for itself.

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