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David McMillin

  • Personal finance
  • Taxes
  • Travel
  • DePauw University


  • Chicago-based writer
  • Covered a range of topics like credit cards, mortgages, banking, taxes and travel
  • Goal is to help readers save money and stress less about their finances


David McMillin is a contributing writer for Bankrate. David covers credit cards, mortgages, banking, taxes and travel in his work. From budgeting tips for individuals to funding strategies for aspiring business owners, his goal is simple: to help readers figure out how to save more and stress less. He is also a musician, which means he has spent a lot of time worrying about money. He applies the lessons he’s learned from that financial balancing act to offer practical advice for personal spending decisions.

David studied writing at DePauw University. He is based in Chicago and loves to discover new places. When travel returns to normal levels, he needs to visit four more states – Alaska, Utah, Oklahoma and Vermont – to check all 50 off his list.

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