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Sabrina Karl

Personal Finance Data Expert Contributor
  • Personal finance-focused data visualization
  • Bachelor’s degree, Michigan State University
  • Master’s degree, University of Wisconsin
  • MBA, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University


  • Visual storyteller focused on making data stories easily accessible for readers
  • 25-plus years’ hands-on experience with credit cards and virtually every other personal finance instrument, tool or vehicle
  • Ability to sort through and analyze large data sets to unearth and visually spotlight the most interesting findings


Sabrina Karl loves telling – and especially showing – stories that are conveyed with numbers. Whether it’s data on the nation’s credit card debt or the financial struggles faced by seniors, millennials or anyone in between, Sabrina combines an analytical mindset, serious Excel chops and graphic design skills to turn data into easy-to-digest visualizations. Combined with her personal finance expertise, she is able to sift through the results of large studies and surveys to pinpoint the most salient credit card-related findings and create graphics that convey compelling data story angles.

In addition to past personal finance visualization work done for Bankrate and, Sabrina currently creates public health-related data graphics for the Wisconsin Cancer Council and the Center for Urban Population Health in Milwaukee.

“Learning how to make the most of my money has been a passion since opening my first retirement account just after graduating college. It was much later, in a second career, that I discovered my love for turning numbers into visual stories. At, I bring both of those aptitudes together, striving always to spotlight current personal finance research in the most accessible ways possible.” – Sabrina Karl 

— Sabrina Karl

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