Car insurance for 19 year olds

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How much is car insurance for a 19 year old? Currently, the national average is $3,996 a year. This is a lot more than the national average, which is only about $1,500 a year. Because most 19 year olds don’t make as much as 35 year olds, it’s imperative that young drivers know every strategy available to them to reduce their monthly insurance costs.

If you or a loved one is paying too much for car insurance, here’s what you need to know.

Cheapest car insurance for 19 year old drivers

Insurance provider Average annual premium for 19 year olds
Erie $2,106
USAA $2,712
Geico $3,383
AAA $3,858
Travelers $3,877


Erie beats its first closest competitor by over $600 and its second closest competitor by $1,200. By far, it provides the cheapest insurance for 19 year olds. No, it doesn’t offer as many discounts as other insurance providers, but it doesn’t have to. However, the few discounts it does offer seem to be tailored to younger drivers – such as a youthful driver discount and college credit option. Any 19 year old looking to lower their premium needs to check out Erie.


USAA is a unique insurance provider because it only provides coverage to current and retired military as well as their immediate family members. However, even though it has strict membership guidelines, it consistently ranks as one of the best providers by third party reviewers, such as AM Best and J.D. Power. If you’re 19 and you qualify, definitely check out USAA.


Geico is not as cheap as Erie, but it offers so many discounts that many drivers should be able to lower the average annual premium ($3,383) by a good margin. Like many national insurance companies, Geico offers a cutting edge mobile app for its members. View your ID cards, make a payment, file a claim, request roadside assistance and check the status of your claim all via the app.


In order to get access to AAA auto insurance, you must first join AAA. After you join, you will then have the option to add insurance. AAA is primarily used for its roadside assistance, but membership gets you access to a lot of other services, too, such as:

  • Travel services
  • Discounts
  • Vacation planning

General membership rates currently range from $40 to $165, depending on which type of membership you choose. Most 19 year olds may not be able to make use of the full suite of services AAA offers, but it’s roadside assistance program is top notch. Get up to four tows a year, car lockout services and help with empty gas tanks, dead batteries and flat tires year round.


Travelers insurance may be last on this list cost wise, but it isn’t when it comes to discounts, many of which favor younger drivers. Utilize every discount that applies to you, and it’s quite conceivable that you’d have a premium that competes or even surpasses the likes of Erie auto insurance. FYI, Travelers also ranks extremely well with the likes of J.D. Power, which in 2020 awarded it a score of 828 out of 1,000.

Cost of car insurance for a 19 year old

Combine every state, and disregard any discrepancies between men and women, and the national average for 19 year olds is $3,996 per year (or $333 per month). However, there’s often a big difference when you look at the average state by state.

Here’s a breakdown of what 19 year olds pay across the country:

State Average annual cost for a 19 year old
Alaska $3,738
Alabama $3,480
Arkansas $3,358
Arizona $3,609
California $3,896
Colorado $3,572
Connecticut $4,547
District of Columbia $4,145
Delaware $4,492
Florida $5,070
Georgia $3,801
Hawaii $1,175
Idaho $2,361
Illinois $4,063
Indiana $2,584
Iowa $2,224
Kansas $3,252
Kentucky $3,905
Louisiana $5,346
Maine $1,738
Maryland $4,601
Massachusetts $3,703
Michigan $7,270
Minnesota $3,305
Mississippi $3,210
Missouri $3,755
Montana $3,014
Nebraska $2,693
Nevada $5,260
New Hampshire $2,873
New Jersey $5,542
New Mexico $3,001
New York $5,960
North Carolina $1,512
North Dakota $2,842
Ohio $2,200
Oklahoma $3,297
Oregon $3,154
Pennsylvania $3,782
Rhode Island $4,890
South Carolina $3,045
South Dakota $2,891
Tennessee $2,872
Texas $4,904
Utah $3,095
Vermont $2,459
Virginia $2,525
Washington $2,594
West Virginia $3,744
Wisconsin $2,848
Wyoming $3,191

How 19 year old drivers can save money on car insurance

There are a variety of ways a 19 year old can save money on their policy. Many ways involve taking advantage of discounts, but there are a few other strategies that can be utilized, too.

Here’s what you should know.

Drive an Older Car

Simply put, new cars cost more to replace. Drive an older car and your insurance company won’t charge you as much to insure it. Even if you can afford a new car, it may be to your benefit, financially speaking, to wait a few years until your insurance comes down naturally to buy something factory fresh.

Drive a Safer Car

Drive a car with a solid crash rating and your insurance provider won’t charge you as much to insure it. Should you get into an accident, you and your passengers will be less likely to have suffered severe injuries.

Opt for a High Deductible

If you opt for a high deductible, you’ll pay less each month for insurance. The downside, however, is that if you get into an accident you’ll have to have to pay more out of pocket. If you go this route, just make sure you contribute to your savings each month in case you’ll have to dip into it.

Take Advantage of Discounts

There are a variety of discounts 19 year old drivers can take advantage of. Some of which include:

  • Good Student
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Accident free
  • Auto pay
  • Paperless
  • Paid in full

Each company offers different discounts, and has different requirements for each. Before you sign up with any provider, understand which discounts you’d be able to apply for and how much doing so would affect your monthly rate.

Usage Based Car Insurance

If you’re a full time student, a usage based car insurance policy may be for you. With this type of policy, the amount of money you pay each month depends on:

  • How far you drive
  • How long you drive
  • The type of car you drive
  • How fast you drive
  • How well you drive

Not every provider offers usage based car insurance, so you’ll need to do a little research before you choose. Look at costs, but also look at online reviews, such as those by AM Best and J.D. Power.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest car insurance for 19 year olds?

Erie currently offers the cheapest premiums for 19 year olds. The average annual cost 19 year olds pay with Erie is $2,106.

What is the most expensive state for a 19 year old?

At the moment, Michigan is the most expensive state for car insurance for a 19 year old. The average price paid is $7,270 per year.

What is the cheapest state for a 19 year old?

The cheapest state is Hawaii, which has an average price of $1,175 per year. In close second is North Carolina, where 19 year olds pay around $1,512 per year for car insurance.

Do men pay more for car insurance than women when they are 19?

Yes. This is because, statistically, men are more likely to speed and get into accidents. As men age, what they pay month to month falls more in line with their female counterparts.