Best New Hampshire Car Insurance Companies 2020

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The Live Free or Die State has many unique characteristics for drivers. According to Statista’s website in 2016, there were 1,096,234 licensed drivers in the state of New Hampshire. Males accounted for 549,720 while females accounted for 546,505 of the amount. Because of this lower number compared to the several million in some other states like California, you might be able to secure a more favorable rate for car insurance.

However, at the other end of the spectrum is safety. New Hampshire ranks 34th out of 50 states on a scale of the safest to the worst states for driving.

When shopping for car insurance, there are several things to consider. For example, if you use your car for work a lot, consider asking how that will affect your rates. Some lines of work are excluded by the policy if their vehicle is used for long distances. Another big factor to think about is how much coverage you will need to comply with the state minimums.

Choosing car insurance can seem like a big task, but if you know what to consider, it will bet a piece of cake.

Best Car Insurance Companies in New Hampshire

When searching for the best car insurance companies in New Hampshire, we examined a variety of factors such as cost, service, additional benefits and their reputation. This includes their grade with the Better Business Bureau and their AM Best rating. This rating is a firm indication of the financial health of a provider.

  • Allstate: This company features a vanishing deductible that rewards you for safe driving. With a J.D. Power rating of four stars, it’s clear that current customers enjoy service with them. Allstate has lots of available discounts and insurance options to meet all your needs.
  • Amica Mutual: Amica earned a five-star overall satisfaction rating with J.D. Power. It features an easy-to-use system for billing and claims. It also receives an A+ rating from the BBB and an A+ rating with AM Best.
  • Geico: Geico is among the cheapest car insurance companies in New Hampshire. It earned a four-star overall satisfaction rating from J.D. Power. They also received an A++ rating with AM Best and an A+ grade with the BBB, which shows that customers are happy and the company can pay out claims.
  • State Farm: State Farm earned a four-star overall satisfaction rating from J.D. Power. It offers a wealth of discounts where you can save up to 30% if you’re a safe driver. State Farm received an an AM Rating of A++, which is the highest rating an insurance provider can obtain.
J.D. Power Rating BBB Rating AM Best Rating
Allstate 4 out of 5 A+ A++
Amica Mutual 5 out of 5 A+ A+
Geico 4 out of 5 A+ A++
State Farm 4 out of 5 A+ A++

Finding the right cheap car insurance in New Hampshire for you

There are many factors that can influence how much you pay for car insurance. The cheapest car insurance New Hampshire has for you depends on factors like your driving history, age, gender and credit score. Because all situations are different, here’s a snapshot of how much you could pay given different scenarios.

Cheapest New Hampshire car insurance for age: Progressive

Your age influences much on what you pay for your policy. If you’re younger, chances are you’ll factor into a higher risk than if you were older with no moving violations or accidents. In either instance, the U.S. News report on New Hampshire’s cheapest car insurance shows Progressive as the clear winner. If you’re a 60-year-old female, you’ll pay on average $627 whereas a 25-year-old female will pay $925.

Cheapest New Hampshire car insurance for poor credit: Geico

Your credit history also makes a sizable difference in what you pay. If you have a great credit score, Progressive is the cheapest option with an annual premium average of $761. Meanwhile, if you have experienced credit challenges, Geico is your best bet. Geico charges an annual premium of $1,171 for drivers with poor credit.

Cheapest New Hampshire car insurance for drivers with a clean record: Progressive

Drivers that has no moving violations or accidents represent the fewest risks to insurance companies. If you have a perfect record Progressive is your best choice because it has an average premium of $761.58.

Cheapest New Hampshire car insurance for drivers with one accident: State Farm

If you have had one accident, State Farm is your best bet, as it charges an average of $973 annually.

Cheapest New Hampshire car insurance for drivers with a DUI: Progressive

Concerning DUIs, Progressive is again the cheapest option with an average annual premium of $954.

We didn’t use USAA for segment comparisons because many people won’t qualify. However, if you do qualify, USAA is the cheapest carrier by far unless it concerns DUIs, where Progressive is slightly less expensive.

Average cost of car insurance in New Hampshire

According to US News, the average cost of car insurance in New Hampshire is $897. When compared to the national average where drivers pay $1,323 annually, it shows New Hampshire drivers on average pay significantly less for car insurance.

As noted above, there are many factors that influence premiums. One of these is age. Using data from the U.S. News report, here’s how much you could pay for insurance based on age and gender:

Provider 25 yr-old male 35 yr-old female 60-year-old male 60-year female
Allstate $1,466 $1,321 $1,534 $1,405
Geico $1,229 $752 $673 $673
Progressive $935 $758 $640 $628

Another influence concerns credit scores. Here’s a look at how credit impacts insurance rates.

Provider Good Fair Poor
Allstate $1418 $1498 $1995
Geico $808 $942 $1171
Progressive $761 $951 $1317

Car insurance discounts in New Hampshire

There are different types of car insurance discounts depending on your situation. To demonstrate, if you have a safe driving record (no moving violations or accidents for five years), you’ll save on your car insurance premium.

Meanwhile, if you bundle multiple policies such as renter’s/home, life and auto with one provider, most companies will reward you for your loyalty with a bundling discount. You might also receive a discount if you earn good grades in school, are a member of certain organizations, have a military affiliation or have great credit.

Compare multiple providers to see which one offers you the best deal. From there, compare each one’s reputation to determine the best provider with the most affordable premiums.

State minimum insurance requirements in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the only states that don’t require you to have minimum insurance coverage. If you refrain from buying a policy, you have to be able to show you’re financially responsible if an accident occurs.

New Hampshire has minimum financial amounts set for accidents. This includes bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 per person up to $50,000 per accident. This coverage provides payments for medical bills for anyone else involved in the accident.

Further, you also need to account for property damage liability of at least $25,000 per accident because this covers damage to others’ property.

While these are the minimum requirements set, it’s a good idea to have more protection on hand, especially in the case of bodily injury liability. Bodily injury isn’t limited to medical bills but could also include chronic problems that last for years as a result of the accident.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the cheapest car insurance in New Hampshire?

Price determines on a variety of factors such as your age, gender, driving and credit history. In general, Geico and Progressive are the two most inexpensive options for New Hampshire residents.

What information do I need to provide to obtain car insurance in New Hampshire?

You’ll need to supply your name, address, Social Security number and your driver’s license number and expiration date. The provider also needs your vehicle’s year, make and model; the purpose for use (business, personal or rideshare) and an estimation of how many miles you drive annually.

How quickly can I get car insurance?

If the provider can verify all your information and approve you for coverage, you could have auto insurance as early as the next day.

Is New Hampshire a no-fault state?

No, it is not. In New Hampshire, you can make a claim with your insurance company (a first-party claim) or with the at-fault driver’s insurance company (a third-party claim). To make a claim with the other company, you’ll have to prove that the at-fault driver is at fault. The police report and your insurance company can help you with this proof, but it can take time. You might also have to sue the other driver to get damages.

If more than one driver is at-fault, the state will assign a percentage of fault to each driver who is partly responsible. As long as you’re not at 50% or more at-fault, you’ll be able to get compensation for the accident.