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Owning a vehicle and purchasing an auto insurance policy with a car insurance carrier generally go together. Nearly every state has minimum requirements for coverage. But not all auto insurance carriers are created equally.

The best carriers tend to have a great claims process, superior shopping experiences, high customer satisfaction and a variety of discounts for customers. They also offer ample coverage at a fair price.

Here are some of the top auto insurance carriers for 2019.


Geico is one of the nation’s largest auto insurance companies and insures more than 27 million vehicles. The company is well-known for offering some of the lowest rates. Its slogan, “15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance,” is especially memorable when paired with its commercials featuring the Geico Gecko.

Geico has a range of standard auto insurance coverages, including liability, medical payments, personal injury protection and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. That’s in addition to extra coverage options like rental reimbursement, mechanical breakdown insurance and emergency roadside service.

The Better Business Bureau gives Geico a B+ rating, while its customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power are mostly average.

Standout features:

  • Discounts: Geico offers a range of discounts. The insurer offers discounts for customer loyalty, driver’s education, maintaining a good driving history, having certain vehicle equipment and for being affiliated with certain organizations.
  • Website and mobile app: Geico offers a quality tech experience. Both its website and mobile app have full-service capabilities, allowing you to get quotes for insurance, submit a claim, keep track of your policy and make payments. You can also find roadside assistance and a gas station close to you.

State Farm

State Farm is the nation’s largest insurer of cars, owning more than 18 percent of the auto insurance market, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The company offers insurance, banking products and loans, which are all sold by State Farm agents. If you’re in the market for insurance and banking services, State Farm is worth consideration.

This insurer can provide all of the standard car insurance coverage options — liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection and uninsured and underinsured motorist. But it also has extra options like emergency road service and rideshare coverage.

The Better Business Bureau gives State Farm an A- rating, while its customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power are mostly average.

Standout features:

  • Insurance coverages outside the norm: In addition to standard coverage, State Farm pays for a rental car if yours is out of commission due to an accident. It will also pay for lodging, transportation and meals if you’re stuck away from home. And if you drive for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft, it provides a policy option that covers personal and ridesharing use.
  • Online and mobile access: State Farm offers the ability to get an auto insurance quote online 24/7. You can also find an agent online at any time — there are about 18,000 nationwide. Its Pocket Agent mobile app allows you to manage insurance policies, file claims, access ID cards, chat with your agent, upload photos and even call for roadside assistance.


Like other major insurance companies, Progressive offers more than just auto coverage. You can insure your home with Progressive as well.

The number of opportunities for discounts on car insurance truly make Progressive stand out from the pack. It offers discounts for everything from having multiple policies to paying in full upfront. The company’s Snapshot program, for instance, personalizes your rate based on your driving record — safer drivers get lower rates.

Along with the standard auto insurance coverages, it will also cover your rental car while your vehicle is getting repaired.

The Better Business Bureau gives Progressive an A- rating, while its customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power are mostly average.

Standout features:

  • Discounts: You can significantly slash your car insurance costs by qualifying for one of the many discounts that Progressive offers. The company says that 99 percent of their customers qualify for at least one discount. Insuring multiple cars, being a homeowner and simply signing documents online can earn you a discount.
  • Online tools: Progressive has a number of tools that can help you find the right insurance, save more money and manage your policy. It provides a tool that allows you to name your price and find a policy within your budget, a comparison tool that shows competitor rates and a mobile app.


Allstate makes it easy to bundle multiple types of insurance and save, offering auto, home, renters and life insurance coverages.

Along with providing all of the car insurance coverages you need to be compliant with your state’s regulations, Allstate offers extra insurance options like rental car reimbursement, roadside coverage and even sound system insurance.

Allstate’s mobile app is extensive and allows you to fully manage your policy from a smartphone.

The Better Business Bureau gives Allstate an A+ rating, while its customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power are mostly average.

Standout features:

  • Innovative tools to help you save: Allstate has two main tools that help you spend less on car insurance. Its Drivewise program offers feedback to make you a safer driver. The company will lower your insurance costs for things like maintaining safe speeds (below 80 mph), limiting late-night trips and preventing hard braking as much as possible. Milewise, its other program, bases your insurance costs on mileage driven. It charges a standard daily rate and then an additional per-mile rate.
  • Mobile app: Allstate offers an in-depth mobile app that allows you to completely manage your policy. Access your agent, find digital ID cards, file and manage claims, take photos and upload them, get roadside assistance and even find gas nearby.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual controls a smaller portion of the market compared with State Farm, Geico, Progressive and Allstate, but it still offers a large number of insurance options at a competitive price.

Like the other major carriers, Liberty Mutual provides standard coverage along with accident forgiveness and new car replacement insurance. But Liberty Mutual also offers coverage specifically for teachers. This includes coverage like vandalism loss protection, in case your vehicle is vandalized on school property.

Liberty also stands out by giving back to communities. The Liberty Mutual Foundation offers grants to nonprofit organizations to help families and individuals in cities including Boston, Seattle and Dallas.

The Better Business Bureau gives Liberty Mutual an A- rating, while its customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power are mostly average.

Standout features:

  • RightTrack: Liberty’s RightTrack program rewards you for safe driving. You’ll get a discount just for signing up. RightTrack uses a device to monitor driving habits. You get rewarded for avoiding hard braking, late-night driving and making other safe driving choices.
  • Coverage for teachers: If you’re a teacher, Liberty Mutual offers coverage specifically for you. In addition to vandalism coverage, it provides coverage for personal property that’s stolen or damaged while in your vehicle on school property, and collision coverage, in case your vehicle is damaged while driving it for school business.

How to choose the right auto insurance carrier

The right auto insurance carrier is the one that offers the best coverage for your needs at a price that’s affordable. It really comes down to your priorities.

If price is a priority, for example, you may consider Geico, which offers affordable car insurance and a number of discounts. Shoppers who lean toward a great tech experience should consider Allstate, which has a stellar mobile app. Those interested in a wide range of insurance options may fair better at Progressive. Teachers and those interested in supporting a company that gives back to the community should consider Liberty Mutual. And if you’re interested in a company where you can pick up insurance and bank as well, State Farm might be your best bet.

Overall, when looking for a car insurance carrier, it’s important to shop around thoroughly, keep an eye out for discounts and read customer satisfaction reviews about each company. Pick the company that best fits your individual requirements and budget.