How to get the best insurance quotes

No matter what kind of coverage you're searching for, getting good insurance quotes is the first step to making sure that you're not overpaying. Here's what you need to know.

Buy what you need

While there are a lot of different types of coverage you can buy, including fire, auto and homeowners to name just a few, each type has at least one thing in common: you. So before you can get an accurate insurance quote, you need to determine your needs. If you're talking about auto coverage, take a look at your policy and ask if there's anything you can do without and how comfortable you are paying out of pocket if you have an accident. If you're looking for a homeowners policy, you'll need to assess the value of your house and your personal assets. And if you're shopping for life insurance, you're going to have to think about replacing your current salary and covering big expenses you might leave behind, such as your mortgage and education costs for your children.

Use a calculator

Once you know how much coverage you need, the best way to start your search for an insurance quote is with an online calculator. Start by plugging in the basics, such as the type of coverage you're looking for and your ZIP code. From there, the calculator will guide you through a few questions. Afterward, you should get your results almost immediately.


Once you've gotten a rough idea from using a calculator, it's time to get insurance quotes from carriers. These days, many people prefer to search online. But you can also find carriers in the Yellow Pages or by working with a trusted agent.

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