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Average cost of car insurance in Illinois for 2024

Updated Apr 12, 2024
Illinois drivers pay an average of $575 for minimum and $2,083 for full coverage.

How much is car insurance in Illinois?

In Illinois, the average car insurance cost reflects a blend of affordability and comprehensive protection. Based on Bankrate's analysis of data from Quadrant Information Services, Illinois drivers pay an average of $575 annually for minimum coverage and $2,083 if opting for full coverage. These rates stand below the national averages, suggesting a favorable insurance landscape for Illinois drivers. As costs fluctuate based on a multitude of factors, Bankrate harnesses extensive industry knowledge, providing a robust perspective on Illinois car insurance rates to help motorists navigate their coverage options effectively.

Key takeaways

  • Illinois drivers can expect an average monthly payment of $174 for full coverage and $48 for minimum coverage.
  • Drivers with a speeding ticket in Illinois may pay 25 percent more than the state average full coverage premium.
  • An at-fault accident in Illinois results in a 46 percent more than average premium increase, while a DUI conviction nearly doubles, with an 84 percent more than average premium surge.
  • Drivers with a poor credit history pay 74 percent more than average Illinois insurance costs; drivers with excellent credit history pay 15 percent less on average.

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Illinois car insurance rates by city

The Illinois city you live in can affect how much you pay for car insurance. Besides personal factors, population density, weather conditions, crime statistics and claim data can also affect your premium from city to city. We compared multiple cities across Illinois to illustrate the difference in premiums. Chicago has some of the highest average rates in the state as the most densely populated area in Illinois with some of the state’s worst crime statistics. As you venture into the suburbs of the Windy City or the rural areas of Illinois, you’ll generally see a bit of a decrease in average insurance premiums.

City Avg. monthly full coverage premium Avg. annual full coverage premium Avg. savings vs. state average