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Average cost of car insurance in Pennsylvania for 2024

Updated Apr 12, 2024
Pennsylvania drivers pay an average rate of $2,607 for full coverage and $495 for minimum coverage insurance.

How much is car insurance in Pennsylvania?

When researching, “How much is car insurance in Pennsylvania?" you’ll find that annual Pennsylvania car insurance rates are slightly higher than the national average for full coverage, but lower for minimum coverage. According to our 2023 rate analysis, the annual average cost of car insurance in Pennsylvania is $2,607 for full coverage, while the national average is $2,314. For minimum coverage, the national average is $644 per year compared to Pennsylvania’s $495 per year. Keep in mind that your rates will vary based on several personal factors. Your ZIP code, age, marital status, credit-based insurance score, driving record, claims history, the insurer you choose and the type of vehicle you insure will all impact your car insurance rates in Pennsylvania.

Key takeaways

  • Pennsylvania drivers pay a monthly average of $217 for full coverage and $41 for state-mandated minimum coverage insurance.
  • Pennsylvania does not allow insurance companies to use gender as an auto insurance rating factor.
  • Having a DUI on your driving record increases your Pennsylvania car insurance rates by an average of 79 percent more, compared to an average of 10 percent more for a speeding ticket.
  • Pennsylvania car insurance rates increase by an average of 56 percent more for drivers with poor credit, while those with excellent credit may pay around 13 percent less.

Pennsylvania car insurance rates by city

In Pennsylvania, car insurance rates vary by city. Insurance companies look at population density, theft and vandalism statistics, the likelihood and severity of car accidents, cost of living and medical care to determine rates by ZIP code. To give you an idea of how rates can vary by city, we compared rates for five Pennsylvania cities with some of the largest population. Drivers living in Scranton generally pay close to the average car insurance cost in Pennsylvania for full coverage, but drivers in Erie, Allentown, Reading and Pittsburgh see an average of anywhere from 2 to almost 6 percent savings over the state average.