When buying a new car, you may forget one important step in the purchase process: getting a car insurance quote.

While there are plenty of factors that impact the amount you pay for car insurance, one of the most important elements is the car you drive. Before you buy or lease a new or used car, make sure you evaluate your potential auto insurance costs.

Even if you are driving the same car you drove last year, it is always good to do an annual review of your budget, including your car insurance. If you start working from home, improve your credit score or buy a home, you should get a car insurance quote from several companies to see if one can offer you better savings.

If you add a new driver to your policy, your rates will naturally rise. But if you take the time to compare auto insurance quotes from several companies, you may be able to spend less than you anticipated.

While you may want to comparison shop by phone or on the Internet, first make sure you understand your car insurance needs. Some states have minimum coverage requirements and, if you finance your car purchase, your lender will also require car insurance.

Consumers can choose how much coverage they want above the minimum requirement, so make sure you take the time to review your current policy and evaluate if the car insurance coverage is enough.

Some consumers prefer to work with a car insurance agent who can give them professional advice. You can find an agent by asking for referrals from friends and colleagues or searching online at sites such as InsureMe.com. Take a few minutes to check the license of your prospective insurance agent at your state insurance department’s website.

Whether you choose to shop online or work with an agent, by comparing policies from more than one car insurance quote, you can save money.

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