Interest Rate Roundup
National auto loan rates

Here's a look at the state of auto loan rates from's weekly national survey of large banks and thrifts conducted March 17, 2010.

Auto loans

Rates: 7.09 (60-month, new car); 7.78 percent (36-month, used car)

Auto loan rates fell across the board this week. The average rate for a 48-month new-car loan fell 6 basis points, to 7.11 percent, while the average for 60-month new-car loans slid 7 basis points, to 7.09 percent. Rates for used-car loans were down as well, with the 36-month used-car average losing 6 basis points, to 7.78 percent.

General Motors is developing technology that would display critical driving information directly on a car's windshield, including the outline of road obstacles obscured by bad weather, according to a report in The Automotive News. The technology, which is still in the experimental stages, would use a series of sensors and cameras to collect information on the curve of a foggy road or the location of a highway exit, then user a laser projection system to overlay that information over the driver's view of the road.

There are no plans yet to incorporate the system in production models, but some of the technology will be gradually worked into the company's product lineup, according to the report.

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