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Almost every driver is legally required to carry car insurance, regardless of how often they drive. If you only drive a few miles a month, you can benefit from a pay-per-mile car insurance policy from Metromile.

Metromile is the leading pay-per-mile car insurance company in the country. Since its founding in 2011, the company has expanded coverage to eight states, saving drivers an average of $741 per year on their insurance.

Metromile caters to individuals who want to pay for their car insurance based on how far they drive, rather than a flat monthly rate. For occasional drivers, it’s a great way to save money without sacrificing coverage.

Metromile car insurance

Metromile fills an important gap in the insurance industry—insuring infrequent drivers who don’t want to pay a huge premium for car insurance. Metromile is a perfect option for people who only use their car a few times per month. The company offers all the same coverages you would find from a national provider at a much lower cost.


Metromile offers basic coverage car insurance, as well as a few add-ons. Here are the coverage options you have with Metromile:

  • Full coverage: Metromile offers full coverage car insurance, including collision, comprehensive, liability and medical payments coverage.
  • Roadside assistance: Roadside assistance is an add-on policy that offers coverage for lockouts, flat tires and towing.
  • Glass repair: If your windshield or windows get damaged in a covered claim, and you have comprehensive insurance, you don’t have to pay a deductible towards the cost of glass repairs.
  • Rental car reimbursement: Metromile will pay for a rental car if your vehicle is in the shop after a covered accident.
  • Pet injury protection: Pet injury protection is included for free as part of all full coverage policies, with the exception of Illinois and Virginia. Metromile will pay up to $1,000 if your dog or cat is hurt in a covered accident.


Metromile insurance doesn’t advertise many discounts on its website. Currently, the only way to get a lower rate is to insure multiple vehicles with Metromile. Because the company only sells personal car insurance, there’s no option for policy bundling.

Depending on how often you drive, Metromile’s pay-per-mile model could save you a lot of money regardless of discounts. You can get a Metromile quote anytime using the online rate tool.

How much does Metromile cost?

Metromile charges a flat monthly rate, plus a small fee for every mile you drive. According to the website, monthly rates start at $29 and vary depending on personal factors like where you live, your driving record, your claims history and your age. The per-mile rate is just a few cents, and if you drive more than 250 miles in one day, you don’t get charged past that distance.

You can check out Metromile’s website for a more detailed breakdown of the cost. For example, the company claims that drivers who travel 2,500 miles per year can save $947 annually on their car insurance. For drivers who travel 10,000 miles per year, the average savings is $541.

MetroMile ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction and complaints

Metromile doesn’t have as many ratings as national insurance companies, like Allstate or Geico. However, Metromile reviews are mixed. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, with an average rating of 3.9 stars based on 311 reviews.

However, Metromile has an extremely high complaint rate based on the NAIC Complaint Index. As of 2019, the company’s complaint index was nearly 15.0, while the insurance industry average complaint rate was just 1.0. This data is based on 43 customer complaints.

The Metromile App

Metromile uses a small in-car device to track drivers’ mileage. The device connects to a mobile app where drivers can see how far they’ve gone and how much they’re paying for insurance.

The Metromile app can also be used to file a claim and manage your policy. If your car is stolen while the in-car device is installed, you can even use the mobile app to see where your car is using the GPS locator.

The Metromile app is available for iOS and Android devices and gets great reviews by customers. On the Apple App Store, the Metromile app has a 4.7 star rating based on 17,000 reviews. It has a 4-star rating on the Google Play Store based on 814 reviews.

Reasons Metromile is a good option

Metromile is a great option for drivers who travel short distances and don’t want to pay a huge premium for car insurance. This makes it ideal for college students and retirees.

The pay-per-mile model is more affordable for infrequent drivers, but it still offers a good amount of coverage. In addition to full coverage insurance, Metromile also has roadside assistance, deductible-free glass repair coverage and even pet coverage.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Metromile insurance cost?

Metromile charges drivers a flat monthly rate, plus a small charge for each mile driven. Metromile advertises that monthly rates start at just $29 per month, and the fee for each mile is just a few cents. If you drive more than 250 miles in one day, you’ll only be charged the per-mile fee for those 250 miles. That means if you drove 300 miles in one day, you’d get 50 miles free.

Where is Metromile insurance available?

Metromile currently sells personal car insurance in eight states—Washington, California, Oregon, Illinois, Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, not all coverages are available in every state.

How does Metromile track driving distance?

When you buy a car insurance policy from Metromile, you’ll be mailed a small telematics device, called the Pulse, which plugs into your car’s diagnostics port and tracks your mileage. You can use the Metromile app or online portal to see how far you’ve driven, and based on the per-mile rate, how much you’re paying for insurance each month. The Pulse device is GPS enabled, which can help you recover the car if it’s stolen, and collects basic information about your car’s health.

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