You’re probably not going to find a banking product that’s yielding much right now. The Fed is planning on keeping rates low until the unemployment rate hits 6.5 percent. But there are still some institutions offering better-than-average CD yields. Use our research to find the best CD rates in Rochester, MN, today.

Looking for somewhere to stash your cash in Minnesota? Despite low yields, CDs can be a good place to save. That’s because they’ll force you to save more. Most institutions have stiff penalties for withdrawing your money before the full term is up, which means there’s more incentive to let your money grow. Use our research to find CD rates in Rochester, MN.

CD rates in Rochester, Minnesota

Here are the one-year CD rates in Rochester, MN, as of 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 21.

Institution APY Min Deposit
Ally 0.97% $0
Eastwood Bank 0.33% $500

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