Low Interest Credit Card Reviews

Low interest credit cards can equaladd up to savings over the long haul, especially if you use your credit card to finance purchases over time or tend to carry a balance on your credit card. If this is you, it’s worth your while to explore our Bankrate experts’ low interest credit card reviews.

The best low interest credit cards offer a 0% intro APR for purchases or balance transfers, plus low variable APRs after the introductory period ends. Cash back on purchases, sign-up bonuses and special access to entertainment events are a few of the added perks you can enjoy with the best low interest credit cards.

In our low interest credit card reviews, Bankrate experts rank the top picks for 2021 based on several factors. Length of the 0% APR intro period and APR after the introductory period ends lead the criteria, with standard and penalty APRs and cardmember benefits rounding out the list. Here, you can compare 0% intro and regular APR rates for each card, plus explore sign-up bonuses and various value-added perks. You’ll also find expert recommendations based on specific spending and credit management needs.

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First Progress Platinum Select Mastercard® Secured Credit Card


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